Welcome To Knockdown News!

Well, here it is. This is Knockdown News, the new home for my coverage of mixed-martial-arts writing and more.

Here’s what to expect from content in the future:

Laying Down Leather

Settle into the new work week on Monday mornings with the Laying Down Leather blog series. In what was originally just a blog format, get ready for the Laying Down Leather podcast! The blog series will continue as well.

Coverage and Previews of Events

As per usual, expect full previews and coverage articles for upcoming MMA events. The goal is to cover three events every week.

Fight Week Soundtrack

In a new series, I will create a playlist of music that relates to upcoming fight nights.

Breaking News

Of course, I will report breaking news on the site!

Opinion, Feature and Interview Pieces

While they won’t be scheduled to happen on a weekly or monthly basis, expect opinion, feature and interview articles to be done a lot as well!

I’m excited to show what I can do in 2020 on this site, and I hope you will join me on the ride!

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