Invicta FC 39: Frey vs. Cummins 2 Full Coverage

Invicta FC started off their 2020 year with Invicta FC 39. In the main event, Jinh Yu Frey made her return to the promotion to face Ashley Cummins in a five-round battle.

Quick Results – Click a fight to skip to its part:

Bout 1: Monica Franco def. Kristina Pettigrew via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 2: Jillian DeCoursey def. Linda Mihalec via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 3: Erin Blanchfield def. Victoria Leonardo via KO, Head Kick (RD 2, 2:06)

Bout 4: Alesha Zappitella def. Kelly D’Angelo via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 5: Miranda Maverick def. Pearl Gonzalez via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 6: Jinh Yu Frey def. Ashley Cummins via Decision, Unanimous (Invicta Atomweight Championship)

Full Coverage

Bout 1: Monica Franco (1-0) vs. Tina Pettigrew (1-0) (Bantamweight)

The first fight of the evening saw bantamweights Monica Franco and Tina Pettigrew face off. Pettigrew landed some jabs at the start, initiating a clinch when charging forward. They left the clinch, with Franco landing some punches. Pettigrew put Franco against the cage again, getting a takedown this time. Pettigrew was on Franco’s back, although tried for an armbar as she slipped out of the position. Franco escaped the armbar and stood up, although was still defending in the clinch. They separated clinch for a moment in the final minute of the round, with both fighters landing some punches. Pettigrew tried again for a takedown for the rest of the round.

Franco landed many punches at the start of the second round as Pettigrew kept pressing forward. Pettigrew scored a good two-punch combo in the second round. Pettigrew tried to get a takedown from catching a kick in the final minute of the round, although Franco kept it in stand-up. Franco fell in the final moments after trying a spinning back kick. She was the more active striker in a purely stand-up round.

Pettigrew tried for another takedown as the final round was kicking off. She kept trying for a single leg takedown, getting hit with tons of strikes by Franco in the process. This continued for many minutes. This was an interesting round to score because it came down to what you prioritize. Sure, Franco landed short shots throughout the round, but Pettigrew kept Franco against the cage for the whole round. When going to the scorecards, Monica Franco remained undefeated (30-27, 30-27 & 30-26).

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Franco 9 10 10 29
Pettigrew 10 9 9 28

Bout 2: Linda Mihalec (2-0) vs. Jillian DeCoursey (3-2) (Atomweight)

In the next fight, undefeated atomweight Linda MIhalec fought Jillian DeCoursey. At the start of the first round, Mihalec put DeCoursey against the cage in a clinch. DeCoursey was able to get a trip takedown from the position. They stood back up, where Mihalec brought the fight back down in top position. DeCoursey was threatening a guillotine choke. Halfway through the round, DeCoursey was able to flip the position in side control. They returned to their feet with 90 seconds left in the round. DeCoursey landed good knees in the clinch, then got a takedown in the same clinch. DeCoursey let some punches go from top position before the round ended.

DeCoursey landed a loud right hook to the head in the opening minute of the second round. Mihalec put on a clinch in the second minute, although DeCoursey was quick to take control in the position. After returning to stand-up, DeCoursey got another takedown. She stayed in control on the ground until the round ended.

At the start of the final round, Mihalec put DeCoursey against the cage and threw some strikes. DeCoursey was able to throw Mihalec off her and return to stand-up. In another clinch, Mihalec got a takedown a minute into the round. She landed a couple of punches before DeCoursey stood back up. DeCoursey took top position in half guard with half of the round to go. Mihalec was able to take back top position in the final minute. DeCoursey trapped an arm of Mihalec, using that advantage to flip into top position. Mihalec tried to take DeCoursey’s back in the closing seconds but failed to do so. After the three rounds of battle, Jillian DeCoursey got the win via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 & 29-28).

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Mihalec 9 9 9 27
DeCoursey 10 10 10 30

Bout 3: Victoria Leonardo (6-1) vs. Erin Blanchfield (4-1) (Flyweight)

The next matchup saw Victoria Leonardo and Erin Blanchfield compete. Both fighters had busy strikes at the start of the fight. Blanchfield tried for a takedown but did not get it. In the second minute of the fight, Blanchfield landed a clean head kick which dropped Leonardo. Blanchfield took side position, then took the back of Leonardo. From the back, Leonardo landed many punches. They eventually went back into a standing clinch. Blanchfield landed another head kick in the final few moments of the first round.

Blanchfield continued her success with the head kick, landing another in the opening seconds of the second round. In a clinch, Leonardo tried for a takedown in a clinch. Two minutes into the round, they separated from a clinch. Blanchfield landed another head kick, this one dropped Leonardo and knocking her out. After finding a home for her leg kick in the fight, Erin Blanchfield saw a second round stoppage win.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Leonardo 9
Blanchfield 10

Bout 4: Kelly D’Angelo (3-2) vs. Alesha Zappitella (5-2) (Atomweight)

Switching back to the atomweight division, Kelly D’Angelo and Alesha Zappitella fought in the next matchup. Zappitella was the fighter advancing at the start. She would throw numerous hooks in a row. Zappitella shot for a takedown in the third minute of the fight, although D’Angelo defended it well.

D’Angelo landed a strong right-cross at the start of the second round. Zappitella got the first takedown of the fight early in the second round. They stood up with two minutes left in the round. Bother fighters landed some solid punches in stand-up.

Zappitella almost got clipped by a kick while shooting for a takedown. She didn’t get hurt by the kick, and she did get the takedown. She kept the top position for a minute or so, where they stood back up. Just like the round before, they both had some close striking. Zappitella shot for a takedown but had it blocked. The fight went all three rounds, needing judges to find a winner. It was decided that the winner was Alesha Zappitella (30-27, 30-27 & 29-28).

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
D’Angelo 9 9 10 28
Zappitella 10 10 9 29

Bout 5: Miranda Maverick (6-2) vs. Pearl Gonzalez (10-4) (Flyweight)

The co-main event saw Miranda Maverick face Pearl Gonzalez. The last two fights prior in Gonzalez’s career were main event fights. Gonzalez landed a solid body kick early in the fight. Maverick scored a superman punch and a follow-up strikes, then landed a takedown seconds later. Maverick got on Gonzalez’s back, throwing strikes to the back of the head. Gonzalez was able to switch into top position in the final minute of the round. From the bottom, Maverick landed some elbows. Maverick took the position back for the final 10 seconds of the round.

Gonzalez got a takedown to start the second round. Two minutes later, they got back up in a clinch. Gonzalez scored a trip takedown halfway through the round. Back in a clinch again, they stood up with two minutes left. Maverick got a takedown with over a minute left.

In the first minute of the final round, Gonzalez landed a spinning back fist before Maverick came in for a clinch. That clinch eventually lead to a takedown. They got back up with two minutes left in the round, although Maverick brought the fight back down moments later. The fight went the distance. When going to the scores, all three judges agreed that Miranda Maverick won the fight (30-27, 30-27 & 30-26).

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Maverick 10 9 10 29
Gonzalez 9 10 9 28

Bout 6: Ashley Cummins (7-4) vs. Jinh Yu Frey (8-4) (Invicta Atomweight Championship)


The main event of the evening saw Ashley Cummins fight for the Invicta Atomweight Championship, fighting Jinh Yu Frey. Since Frey missed the championship limit, she vacated the title the day before this fight. However, Cummins was still eligible to win the belt if she won this fight. Also worth noting that these two have fought before, with Frey winning via decision. Frey was on the outside of the cage for most of the first round. It was really a feeling out process. Neither fighter connected a ton, although Cummins had a better punch output.

Frey tried for a takedown in the first minute of the second round. Cummins was able to keep the fight on the feet. Halfway through the round, both fighters had good punches. Cummins started to bleed from around her right eye. A right-cross from Frey dropped Cummins with just over a minute to go. Cummins got up and went into a clinch.

A left hook connected for Frey at the start of the third round. Frey initiated a clinch with over two minutes to go in the third. They stayed on the feet for this round, both keeping an impressive pace.

The fourth round was strictly in stand-up again. Both of them kept the same pace as before. Damage was showing much for on Cummins’ face.

Cummins tried for a takedown halfway through the final round. Frey did a great job at punishing the attempt, catching her and landing a knee in the clinch. It was another round where both fighters were throwing a lot but not connecting with all of it. Both fighters swung hard until the final bell. Jinh Yu Frey got a unanimous decision win, leaving the Invicta Atomweight Championship vacant (48-47, 48-47 & 48-47). The crowd was booing Frey in the post-fight interview. She was clearly disappointed that she lost weight.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Total
Cummins 10 9 9 9 9 46
Frey 9 10 10 10 10 49

Invicta will return with next month, with “Phoenix Series 3” taking place on Mar. 6th at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas, USA. Main eventing the card is undefeated Lisa Verzosa and Julija Stoliarenko fighting for the vacant Invicta Bantamweight Championship.

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