Pancrase 312 Full Coverage

Back for 2020, Pancrase kicked off the new decade where they’ve been for a while: Shinkiba Studio Coast.

Quick Results:

Bout 1: Ryo Hatta def. Atsuhito Nagai via Submission, Guillotine Choke (RD 2)

Bout 2: Toshiya Takashima def. Yuta Miyazawa via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 2)

Bout 3: Akihiro Murayama def. Yuki Kondo via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 4: Satoru Enomoto def. Yusuke Ogikubo via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 5: Brady Huang def. Hidekazu Fukushima via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 6: Taichi Nakajima def. Boris Fedorov via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 7: Yoshinori Horie def. Yojiro Uchimura via Decision, Unanimous

Live Coverage:

Bout 1: Atsuhito Nagai (4-5) vs. Ryo Hatta (12-6) (#3) (Strawweight)

The main card started with strawweights Atsuhito Nagai and Ryo Hatta battling. Hatta was ranked third in Pancrase’s strawweight division. He had cherry red hair. He needed some adjustment made to one of his gloves before the fight started. This fight was the Pancrase debut for Nagai. Hatta got a takedown in the first minute of the fight. Hatta was very active on the ground, trying for what seemed like numerous different submissions on the ground within seconds. Nagai got top position after they stood up in a clinch and then went back down. Hatta stayed in top position until the round ended.

They went back to the ground in the second round. Nagai got top position after a hectic few moments on the ground. They went back to stand-up for the third minute. They went to the ground again, where Hatta put in a guillotine choke from the bottom position which made Nagai tap. After a finish win, Ryo Hatta might be next for a Pancrase strawweight title shot.

Bout 2: Toshiya Takashima (5-3-1) (#7) vs. Yuta Miyazawa (3-2) (#5) (Strawweight)

In the next strawweight match, ranked Toshiya Takashima and Yuta Miyazawa fought. Miyazawa got a takedown in the third minute of the fight. They got back up moments later. Miyazawa caught a kick and returned with a right hook which hurt Takashima. Miyazawa landed lots of shots on the ground. He was starting to run out of time as it was the final minute of the round. Takashima somehow endured the strikes until the round ended.

Takashima got a single leg takedown at the start of the second round, then got on the back of Miyazawa, putting in a rear naked choke. Miyazawa tapped out eventually. After losing the first round horribly, Toshiya Takashima made the comeback to win.

Bout 3: Yuki Kondo (60-35-9) vs. Akihiro Murayama (20-9-9) (#5) (Welterweight)

Two very experienced MMA fighters Yuki Kondo and Akihiro Murayama fought in the next fight. Murayama was the first one to get a takedown, getting to the back of Kondo. Murayama stayed in the position for the rest of the round, although Kondo was never really threatened.

Murayama scored a trip takedown in the second minute of the second round. Kondo got up in the final minute, although Murayama threw him back down.

At the start of the third round, Murayama caught a leg kick and eventually turned it into a takedown. It took him a moment though. Just like the two rounds before, Murayama got on Kondo’s back. Murayama landed lots of punches at the end of the round. All three judges favoured Akihiro Murayama was the winner.

Bout 4: Satoru Enomoto (8-3) (#13) vs. Yusuke Ogikubo (11-8-1) (#9) (Flyweight)

In the next fight, two ranked flyweights in Satoru Enomoto and Yusuke Ogikubo competed. Enomoto put Ogikubo up against the cage early. He landed a takedown seconds later. Enomoto threw lots of strikes from the top. Enomoto switched to back position.

Enomoto got another takedown to open the second round. In the fourth minute, they got back up to their feet and returned to striking. Enomoto got another takedown after a few seconds. The round ended with Enomoto in top position.

Enomoto ate a punch, although scored a takedown to start the final round. Ogikubo stood up, although Enomoto had a body lock on him against the cage still. Enomoto got another takedown in the second minute of the fight. Ogikubo landed some elbows to the head from bottom position. They got back up against the cage, where Enomoto stayed attached to Ogikubo. He got another takedown, although Ogikubo got up with after. Enomoto hopped on Ogikubo’s back as the round was ending. The fight went to decision, with all judges favouring Satoru Enomoto.

Bout 5: Brady Huang (10-1) vs. Hidekazu Fukushima (15-8) (#5) (Bantamweight)

Coming from America, Brady Huang made his Pancrase debut against ranked bantamweight Hidekazu Fukushima. After a minute or so of close striking, Fukushima got a takedown. They got back up quite quickly. Fukushima landed a punch at the bell which seemed to maybe hurt Huang. Both of them had good hands throughout the round. Huang’s leg kicks throughout the round were accumulating. A cut around Fukushima’s right eye opened in this round.

Fukushima got his second takedown early in the second round. While Fukushima was in half guard, the referee paused the fight as Huang was hitting Fukushima in the back of the head. He was given a warning. They resumed with Fukushima in full guard. As they were getting up, Huang tried to get a leg lock in. They went back to striking with half a round to go. Huang tried for a takedown. Another pause came was Huang was hit in the groin hard with a knee. When they went back to striking, Huang dropped Fukushima with a punch. Fukushima got back up and got a takedown. Huang was able to get out of bottom position, although was threatened by a guillotine choke until the round ended.

Fukushima started the first round with a takedown. He landed a really hard punch from full guard. They got back up a minute later, with Huang chasing down Fukushima. It looked like Fukushima got another cut opening on his face. Failing to land another takedown, Fukushima was getting hit with a lot of strikes. The fight went all three rounds. All three judges chose Brady Huang as the winner.

Bout 6: Boris Fedorov (10-2) vs. Taichi Nakajima (13-11-1) (#6) (Featherweight)

In the next matchup, Russia’s Boris Fedorov fought Taichi Nakajima. Nakajima got a takedown in the third minute of the fight. He had a good hold on Fedorov for a while. He got another takedown in the final minute of the round.

Nakajima tried for more takedowns early in the second round. While Nakajima was on Fedorov’s back, it someone started to bleed. It was a one-sided round for Nakajima

Fedorov shot for a double leg takedown at the start of the third round, being denied and eating punches. Nakajima pursued a takedown in this round again. Fedorov was able to resist the attempts for the most part. The fight went the distance, although it was clear before the decision that Taichi Nakajima got the win. He was very emotional after the fight.

Bout 7: Yojiro Uchimura (17-12-3) (#9) vs. Yoshinori Horie (8-2) (#7) (Featherweight)


In the main event fight, Yoshinori Horie had his first fight since his one-fight UFC stint. He returned to face Yojiro Uchimura. Horie got a takedown in the second minute. Horie got up for a moment and then came back down with a hard strike. Uchimura got up in the final minute, separating for the final 10 seconds of the fight.

Horie landed a good left hook early in the second round. Uchimura landed a good head kick in the second minute. Horie got a takedown seconds later. They went back to striking with three minutes to go. Uchimura was landing more good strikes.

Horie got a takedown at the start of the third round. They got back up in a clinch against the cage, separating eventually. While in the clinch, a large cut opened beside Horie’s right eye. A pause happened to have it checked out. The fight continued. Horie got another takedown. The fight went all three rounds, with all three judges siding with Yoshinori Horie.

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