Flashback Friday: UFC 24: First Defense

Today, we take a look at the first UFC event of the year 2000. The event saw the first win in Jens Pulver’s UFC career, previously going to a draw. 

This show was a great example of the weird things that made MMA what it is. The main event was meant to be the UFC Heavyweight Championship fight between Kevin Randleman and Pedro Rizzio. However, after Randleman knocked himself out backstage by falling on a concrete floor, the fight was cancelled. There was no mention of this on the broadcast.

From the Lake Charles Civic Center in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA, here’s a full report of UFC 24.

Original Date: 3/10/20

Quick Results – Click a fight to skip to it’s part:

Preliminary Card

Bout 1: Shonie Carter def. Brad Gumm via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 2: Scott Adams def. Ian Freeman via Submission, Heel Hook (RD 1, 3:09)

Main Card

Bout 3: Jens Pulver def. David Velasquez via TKO, Punches (RD 2, 2:41)

Bout 4: Bob Cook def. Tiki via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 2, 1:29)

Bout 5: Dave Menne def. Fabiano Iha via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 6: Lance Gibson def. Jermaine Andre via KO, Knee (RD 3, 3:35)

Bout 7: Tedd Williams def. Steve Judson via TKO, Punches (RD 1, 3:23)

Full Coverage:

Preliminary Card

Bout 1: Shonie Carter (12-3) vs. Brad Gumm (2-0) (Welterweight)

The card had two preliminary fights before the pay-per-view started. The prelim fights were two round battles. Carter had more MMA experience. Both fighters had their disciplines listed as Jiu-Jitsu. Dan Severn was reffing this fight. Unlike preliminary fights these days, the crowd was pretty full by the time this fight was happening. Carter was wearing interesting pants that were shorts on one side and long pants on the other. They went into a clinch early on, where Carter threw Gumm down. They got back up seconds later. Carter got another takedown after catching a leg. From the bottom, Gumm tried for a triangle choke. Carter stayed in the choke for a good minute or so, eventually escaping and keeping top position. They got up with a minute to go. Carter threw Gumm down, standing up immediately. Gumm tried for a takedown in a clinch, although Carter got it. Carter landed some punches from top position before the round ran out of time.

Carter got another trip takedown to start the second round. When they got up, Carter landed a kick to the body. Gumm had a flurry of strikes in the second minute, landing a knee and some punches. Carter got another takedown, allowing Gumm to get up quickly. Halfway through the round, Carter got yet another takedown. They stayed on the ground for a long time for once, with Carter landing strikes periodically. Gumm swept Carter, taking top position from him. Carter was able to reverse and take side control in the final seconds of the round. The fight went the distance, with Shonie Carter earning a unanimous decision win. No official announcement of the decision was shown on the broadcast.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Total
Carter 10 10 20
Gumm 9 9 18

Bout 2: Scott Adams (7-1) vs. Ian Freeman (7-0) (Heavyweight)

In a heavyweight fight, Scott Adams faced undefeated English fighter Ian Freeman. Both fighters were wearing shoes for this fight. Adams got a takedown right off the bat. He tried immediately for a heel hook, with Freeman fighting it off. Adams let go of the hold, taking top position on the ground. A minute later he tried again for a heel hook. Freeman fought the hold, trying for his own move. Adams started to really crank the foot of Freeman, making Freeman yelp and tap out. Scott Adams made a successful UFC debut with his fifth stoppage win as a pro. This was the last MMA fight Adams competed in.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Total

Main Card

Bout 3: Jens Pulver (4-1) vs. David Velasquez (4-2) (Welterweight)

The main card kicked off with Jens Pulver fighting David Velasquez. This was Pulver’s return to the octagon, still searching for a win after fighting to a draw in his 1999 debut. Pulver was wearing shoes for this fight. In the opening minute, Pulver caught a head kick and turned it into a takedown. Pulver did ground and pound from top position. They stood back up with Pulver continuing to land punches. With Velasquez against the cage, Pulver landed a good elbow. Pulver got a trip takedown with just over a minute to work. Pulver got into full mount and let punches fly. They stayed on the ground until the round ended.

They traded strikes in a clinch to start. Pulver got a takedown, trying for an arm triangle choke in from side control. He let go of the choke, going into full mount. He threw punches and elbows for a while. He picked up the pace of strikes eventually, doing enough for the referee to stop the fight. Getting his first win of many to come in the UFC, Jens Pulver dominated David Velasquez.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Pulver 10
Velasquez 8

Bout 4: Tiki (3-1) vs. Bob Cook (4-0) (Welterweight)

In the next fight, Tito Ortiz trained Tiki made his UFC debut against undefeated Bob Cook. In an interview that aired before the fight, Cook came off as very soft spoken and excited for this fight. Cook came charging forward at the start. From a clinch, Tiki landed some knees. Cook got a takedown, with Tiki reversing into top position quickly. From the bottom, Cook tried for an armbar which Tiki escaped by getting up. They stayed on their feet, with Cook putting Tiki against the cage. Tiki landed a kick and some punches that put Cook against the cage. Cook tried for a takedown, although Tiki landed on top again. Tiki eventually stood up, allowing Cook to get up as well. Tiki got another takedown with a minute and a half to go. Just like before, Tiki stood up and let Cook get up. Cook hurt Tiki in the final minute with punches. The round ended on the feet.

Both fighters were clearly tired after the fast paced first round. Cook got a takedown in the first minute of the second round. He went into full mount, eventually getting on the back of Tiki. He put in a rear naked choke that made Tiki tap out quickly. Enduring a hard first round, Bob Cook ends it quick in the second round. This was Bob Cook’s last professional MMA fight.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Tiki 10
Cook 9

Bout 5: Fabiano Iha (3-2) vs. Dave Menne (23-5) (Welterweight)

Before the next fight, Pat Miletich said he plans to fight in the summer, looking at Bob Cook as an opponent. In the fifth fight of the show, the very experienced Dave Menne fought Fabiano Iha. Before the fight, it was outlined in Iha’s interview that his family “loves” watching him fight. Iha got a takedown to start the first round. They got up quickly after. Menne landed two good punches before clinching up. Iha shot for another takedown, with Menne resisting well. They went to their knees, where Menne landed two knees to the head which made Iha go on his back. They got up with two minutes to go. They traded blows before Iha tried for a takedown. Menne stopped a takedown, albeit grabbing the fence for a moment. Iha shot for a takedown in the final minute, pulling guard. They got up before the round ended.

Menne clinched up with Iha to start the second round. Iha pulled guard again, going to the ground on his back. Menne was throwing lots of strikes from the top. Menne got up eventually, letting Iha stand up as well. Menne was piecing Iha up with combinations. Iha pulled guard yet again. He would consistently pull guard but then get smothered on the ground with strikes. They got up again with two minutes to go. Iha shot for a takedown, with Menne keeping him against the cage until the round ended. Menne’s right eye was swollen as the round ended.

Menne got another takedown to start the third round. A minute later they got up again in the clinch, however it was another takedown for Menne. Iha got rocked by punches in the second minute. Menne got his third takedown halfway through the round. The crowd booed after this. They got up to the feet again. Iha shot for a takedown, getting hit with a knee. Menne got his fourth takedown of the round with a minute left. The fight went the distance. The swelling on Menne’s right eye was pretty severe by the end. Going to the scorecards, there was no doubt that Dave Menne would get the win. After the fight, Menne said the swelling happened because a thumb went in his eye, hitting a contact.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Iha 9 9 9 27
Menne 10 10 10 30

Bout 6: Lance Gibson (2-3) (B) vs. Jermaine Andre (8-1) (Catchweight 199 lbs)

The sixth fight of the evening saw Lance Gibson and Jermaine Andre fight in a 199-pound fight. It was listed as a middleweight bout. In a clinch at the start, Gibson landed knees to Andrew. They went against a part of the cage which was quite wobbly. Gibson got a takedown from the clinch. On top, Gibson landed lots of strikes. He switched between side control and half guard. He went into north-south in the final minute, landing a knee to the head before losing the position. Gibson tried for an armbar, with Andre escaping quickly. They went back to the feet in the final 30 seconds, where Andre landed some punches. Andre dropped Gibson, taking top position before the round ended.

The fighters traded strikes on the feet to start the second round. Gibson put Andre against the cage in a clinch. Gibson got a takedown from the clinch with two minutes to go. He tried for a kimura for a moment. Gibson landed strikes on top until the round ended.

Early in the final round, Gibson put Andrew against the cage in another clinch. He landed knees to the body and foot stomps. Gibson landed a knee in the clinch which hit Andre’s head, knocking him out. In a flashy knockout, Lance Gibson gets his first UFC win.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Gibson 10 10
Andre 9 9

Bout 7: Tedd Williams (5-0) vs. Steve Judson (0-1) (Heavyweight)


Before the main event, the commentary booth interviewed the then-retired Frank Shamrock. A recording of Shonie Carter versus Brad Gumm was played before the main event. In the main event, undefeated heavyweight Tedd Williams fought Steve Judson. Judson was landing with punches early. Williams was clinching up in attempt to stop the punches, however Judson pushed him off often. Williams was clearly getting hurt by the punches. The striking was slowed down by the striking for a while. Williams got some punches in the clinch. Judson left clinch, walking back wobbled. Judson was hit with a jab before he dropped and went down. After main eventing UFC 24, neither fighter fought in MMA again.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total

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