Flashback Friday: Pride 9: New Blood Full Coverage

After Pride FC finished their first grand prix, they returned to a non-tournament event: Pride FC 9. “New Blood” took place from the Rainbow Hall in Nagoya, Japan. The card saw the return of Igor Vovchanchyn, Gary Goodridge, Akira Shoji, and more. Also, the card saw debuts from soon-to-be UFC fighters Vitor Belfort and Gilbert Yvel.

Original Event Date: 6/4/00

Quick Results:

Bout 1: Heath Herring def. Willie Peters via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 1, 0:48)

Bout 2: Carlos Barreto def. Tra Tellingman via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 3: Allan Goes def. Vernon White via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 4: Carlos Newton def. Yuhi Sano via Submission, Armbar (RD 1, 0:40)

Bout 5: Akira Shoji def. John Renken via Submission, Armbar (RD 1, 6:44)

Bout 6: Ricco Rodriguez def. Gary Goodridge via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 7: Igor Vovchanchyn def. Daijiro Matsui via TKO, Doctor Stoppage (RD 1, 5:03)

Bout 8: Vitor Belfort def. Gilbert Yvel via Decision, Unanimous

Full Coverage:

Bout 1: Willie Peters (10-10) vs. Heath Herring (13-5) (10+10)

Starting off the card, Health Herring and Willie Peters made their respective Pride FC debuts. This fight was set for two 10 minute rounds. Peters had taken this fight on short notice. Peters shot for a takedown in the first minute, however Herring landed on top. He tried for a rear naked choke that made Peters make painful noises. Once he fully put the choke in, Peters tapped out. The quick win was the right way to kick off the Pride career of Heath Herring. This was the last MMA fight that Willie Peters competed in.

Bout 2: Carlos Barreto (10-2) vs. Tra Tellingman (6-2) (10+10)

The next fight saw Carlos Barreto return to fight debuting Pride Tra Tellingman. Barreto had a clear height advantage over Tellingman. Barreto started the fight by circling the outside of the ring. Barreto shot for a single leg takedown, which Tellingman was able to stuff. They stayed on their knees for a second before getting up in a clinch. Tellingman was against the ropes, resisting takedown and getting hit with foot stomps. After they separated, Barreto charged forward again for another body lock. Tellingman got a takedown for a moment, however Barreto got to his knees. While they were on their knees, Tellingman landed a knee to the head. As they stood back up, Barreto started to shoot for another takedown. Tellingman resisted at first, but eventually was taken down. They were moved away from the ropes after Barreto was holding the bottom rope while in top position. Barreto landed some punches until the round ended.

Early in the second round, Barreto landed a knee to the head exiting clinch which hurt Tellingman badly. Barreto was held by Tellingman while he was recovering. Barreto got a takedown again. Tellingman got on his knees, with Barreto hopping on his back. They got back up to the feet, with Barreto shooting for another takedown. Tellingman stuffed it, getting back to his feet while Barreto was still on the ground. Barreto was given the chance to stand up as well. Barreto tried again for a takedown, putting Tellingman against the ropes. Tellingman reversed the attempt, getting top position on the ground. After a minute or so, Tellingman got back to the feet, with Barreto following. They went into a clinch, where Barreto landed more knees. Both of them were quite tired by this point. Barreto got a trip takedown from the clinch with under five minutes to work with. Barreto tried a neck crank for a moment. They traded some punches from the position until the round ended. After the one-sided fight, Carlos Barreto won on the scorecards. Barreto never appeared in Pride FC again, fighting against names like Aleksander Emelianenko and Gilbert Yvel before retiring.

Bout 3: Allan Goes (4-1) vs. Vernon White (14-21) (10+10)

After a win and a draw before in Pride, Allan Goes fought Vernon White on this card. White fought on Pride 2, losing to Kazushi Sakuraba. Goes threw a head kick at the start that White took. Goes caught a leg kick for a takedown. Goes went into half guard, wrapping an arm around the head of White. It was mentioned on commentary that when Goes was a part of the army, he apparently got stranded in the amazon for three months. With just over three minutes to go in the first round, Goes got into full mount. White rolled out of the position with a minute and a half to go. They returned to striking. Goes shot for a single leg takedown, getting it. They got up again in the final minute. Goes put White in the corner in a clinch. White tried pulling guard, being thrown onto the ground by Goes.

Goes started the second round by getting a single leg takedown. In full mount, Goes did shoulder strikes to the head of White. White got up after a few minutes, leaving Goes on his back on the ground. White threw a few kicks before going back down. Goes got top position again shortly after White went back down. Goes did more shoulder strikes. They were moved away from the ropes after moving towards it for a while. Goes kept with striking periodically from top position until the round ended. Going to decision, Allan Goes was given the nod. While White fought on a few UFC cards later in his career, although he never appeared in Pride FC again.

Bout 4: Carlos Newton (7-3) vs. Yuhi Sano (0-3) (10+10)

With a win and a loss in his previous Pride fights, Carlos Newton fought Yuhi Sano. Newton locked up with Sano after landing a punch. He landed a knee to the body before getting a trip takedown. Newton got into full mount, getting a loose arm for an armbar. Sano tapped out quick, ending the fight within a minute. The fighters showed respect to each other after. After this fight, Sano left MMA.

Bout 5: John Renken (13-17) vs. Akira Shoji (6-3) (10+10)

Making his Pride FC debut, John Renken fought Akira Shoji. On the last show, Shoji lost to Mark Coleman in the second round of the 2000 Grand Prix. Renken shot for a takedown very early on, going on his back on the ground after Shoji refused to go down. Shoji got a takedown, going into half guard on the ground. In side control, Shoji seemingly hit Renken with his chin a couple of times. Shoji switched into full mount. Renken flipped his legs up, getting Shoji to stand up. Renken stayed on the ground, taunting Shoji to go back down. Shoji threw a few kicks to the grounded Renken. Shoji eventually went down into half guard. Shoji went into side control again and then back to full mount. Shoji went for an armbar eventually, making Renken tap out quickly. Celebrating, Shoji ran the ropes and did a backflip. Renken fought in regional MMA for the rest of his career.

Bout 6: Ricco Rodriguez (5-1) vs. Gary Goodridge (10-10) (10+10)

Returning from a loss to Igor Vovchanchyn the month before, Gary Goodridge fought Ricco Rodriguez, who was making his Pride FC debut. Rodriguez shot for a takedown in the first minute of the fight, being unsuccessful. Goodridge stopped another takedown in the second minute. They went into a clinch after another takedown from Rodriguez was stopped. Goodridge landed a punch exiting clinch. Rodriguez finally got a takedown in the fourth minute of the fight. On the ground, Goodridge was hit in the groin from a punch, causing a pause. They resumed in stand-up. Goodridge stopped another takedown, quickly springing back to the feet. When Goodridge stopped another takedown, he scored a knee and a punch. Goodridge tried for a guillotine choke after stopping a takedown. Rodriguez slammed Goodridge to the ground, going into full mount before the round ended.

Rodriguez got a takedown in the first minute of the second round, getting half guard on the ground. Rodriguez landed punches to the body and palm strikes to the head. When Rodriguez got up, Goodridge grabbed his left leg. Rodriguez slipped out of the position, going back into half guard and continuing with punches. In full guard, Rodriguez threw punches to the stomach of Goodridge. The fight went the distance, with Ricco Rodriguez’s ground game earning him the win.

Bout 7: Igor Vovchanchyn (41-3) vs. Daijiro Matsui (1-2) (10+10)

After losing in the grand finals of the 2000 Pride Grand Prix, Igor Vovchanchyn came back to Daijiro Matsui. Matsui was feinting for a takedown early on. Matsui eventually shot for a takedown. Vovchanchyn stuff it, getting on the back of Matsui. From the back of Matsui, Vovchanchyn landed lots of punches. Slowly shifting towards the corner, they were eventually moved by the referees to the middle of the ring. Matsui was cut from a strike, causing a pause about five minutes into the fight. They resumed from the same position on the ground, with Vovchanchyn on Matsui’s back. Matsui flipped to his back, with Vovchanchyn in side control. They stopped the fight again as the bleeding persisted. It was bad enough that they decided to stop the fight, getting Vovchanchyn back in the win column.

Bout 8: Vitor Belfort (6-2) vs. Gilbert Yvel (22-4) (10+10)


In the main event, Vitor Belfort returned to Pride to fight Gilbert Yvel, who made his Pride FC debut. Belfort was wearing wrestling shoes. Belfort landed a left hand immediately that dropped Yvel, giving Belfort top position on the ground. On top, Belfort landed punches to the body. The ground and pound made it’s way to the corner, where the referees eventually moved them away from. A cut was opened on Yvels’ head, presumably from a strike. They were moved away from the corner two more times. After being in this position for almost all of the round, it ended.

Yvel tried for a spinning back kick to start the second round. Belfort caught the leg, getting a takedown. After a few minutes on the ground, the referee stood the fighters up. Belfort immediately got another takedown. They were stood up again, although yet again Belfort brought the fight back down. When they got stood up again, Belfort protested. The referee warned Yvel about something. They resumed on the feet. Yvel threw a knee, but Belfort got yet another takedown. The fight ended with Belfort in top position. As expected, Vitor Belfort won on the scorecards.

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