Flashback Friday: UFC 29: Defense of the Belts

To finish off their 2000 year, UFC went to Japan once again. Actually in retrospect it’s better put that UFC came to Japan for the last time in the 00’s, as the promotion returned again in 2012. This card, which was stacked for 2000’s UFC standards, was headlined by Yuki Kondo challenging for Tito Ortiz’s UFC Middleweight Championship. Also on the card, UFC Lightweight Champion Pat Miletich fought Kenichi Yamamoto. From the Differ Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan, here’s UFC 29.

It’s also worth noting that this card was the last show that UFC did while under ownership of SEG. When UFC returned in 2001 they were under the ownership of Zuffa Inc. When the commentary team was shown, it was clear than they were green screened in as opposed to actually at the event. 

Original Event Date: 12/16/00

Quick Results:

Bout 1: Chuck Liddell def. Jeff Monson via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 2: Dennis Hallman def. Matt Hughes via Submission, Armbar (RD 1, 0:20)

Bout 3: Evan Tanner def. Lance Gibson Sr. via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 4:48)

Bout 4: Fabiano Iha def. Daiju Takase via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 2:24)

Bout 5: Matt Lindland def. Yoji Anjo via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 2:58)

Bout 6: Pat Miletich def. Kenichi Yamamoto via Submission, Guillotine Choke (RD 2, 1:58) (UFC Lightweight Championship)

Bout 7: Tito Ortiz def. Yuki Kondo via Submission, Neck Crank (RD 1, 1:52) (UFC Middleweight Championship)

Full Report:

Bout 1: Chuck Liddell (5-1) vs. Jeff Monson (6-2) (199 lbs)

Kicking off the evening of fights, “The Ice Man” Chuck Liddell returned to the UFC to fight Jeff Monson. In his last fight, Monson made his UFC debut, going to the scorecards against Tim Lajcik. Early in the first round, Monson shot for a takedown. Monson pulled guard, taking the bottom position of a full guard before they got up against the cage. Monson threw Liddell down numerous times, however Liddell was able to get up every time. Liddell eventually got Monson off of his legs, returning to stand-up. Liddell stopped another takedown, refusing to take top position in a full guard over being back on the feet. Another takedown was stopped, with Liddell landing a punch while exiting clinch. Liddell was scoring with hard leg kicks. The round ended on the feet.

Liddell continued with more leg kicks in the second round. The damage from the kicks started to show near the end of the round. Monson tried with some more takedowns in the second round, however Liddell had even less trouble stopping the attempts in this round. Monson pulled guard in the final minute, with Liddell being in half guard for a while.

The final round saw Liddell continue to chip away with kicks and avoid takedowns. Liddell stuffed another takedown, going into a north south position for a moment before getting back up. In the final minute of the round, Liddell took the back of Monson, who was shooting for a single leg takedown. Liddell landed some elbows to the body and head as the round ended. Going to the scorecards, Chuck Liddell earned his third win in the UFC.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Liddell 10 10 10 30
Monson 9 9 9 27

Bout 2: Matt Hughes (22-1) vs. Dennis Hallman (16-4) (Welterweight)

In a rematch from a 1998 matchup, Matt Hughes fought Dennis Hallman in the next fight. In their first meeting, Hughes lost via guillotine choke. Hallman charged at Hughes immediately. Hughes slammed Hallman down. Hallman tried for an armbar from the bottom on the ground. Hughes slammed him again but couldn’t escape the armbar, tapping out and ending the fight in 30 seconds. Winning his UFC debut, Dennis Hallman dethroned a prominent name, Matt Hughes.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total

Bout 3: Evan Tanner (22-2) vs. Lance Gibson Sr. (4-3) (199 lbs)

The next matchup saw the much more experienced Evan Tanner return to fight Lance Gibson Sr. The fighters clinched up early in the first round. Gibson landed with some uppercuts to the head while in the clinch. Tanner was able to get a takedown from the clinch. When Tanner was in side control he landed some elbows. Gibson started to bleed from the nose. After landing lots of elbows from that position, Tanner went into full mount and started to throw punches. He continued until the referee stepped in and ended the bout. This was the last UFC appearance from Lance Gibson Sr.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Gibson Sr.

Bout 4: Daiju Takase (2-4) vs. Fabiano Iha (5-3) (Welterweight)

In the first matchup that featured a fighter from Japan, Fabiano Iha fought Daiju Takase. Iha came into this fight after his first UFC win, defeating LaVerne Clark at UFC 27. Takase lost his two previous UFC appearances. Iha got a takedown early in this fight. He crawled over to the fence, moving across half of the octagon, while in full guard. Iha eventually stood up while Takase was still on the ground. He got right hand punches through until Takase rolled over and covered up, ending the fight. Fabiano Iha got his second UFC win in a row with this quick performance. Daiju Takase was never seen in the UFC again, however he will be seen on Pride shows later on.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total

 Bout 5: Yoji Anjoh (0-3) vs. Matt Lindland (3-0) (199 lbs)

After earning a silva medal at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics in Greco-Roman Wrestling, Matt Lindland finished off his year by making his UFC debut, fighting Yoji Anjoh. Anjoh had yet to win in his professional career yet, fighting twice in UFC before this show. Anjoh was wearing shoes for this matchup. Anjoh shot for a takedown in the second minute, however Lindland stuffed it. Lindland landed numerous knees to the head while stopping a takedown. Lindland eventually got top position in full mount. Lindland landed punches and elbows while in the full mount. The amount of punches Anjoh took eventually became enough, with the fight ending in favour of Matt Lindland. Yoji Anjoh never fought in the UFC again.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total

Bout 6: Pat Miletich (26-4) vs. Kenichi Yamamoto (4-2) (UFC Lightweight Championship)

In the co-main event of the evening, Pat Miletich put his UFC Lightweight Championship on the line for the second time in the year. This time he faced Kenichi Yamamoto, who got two wins at UFC 23 the year before. To start the first round, Yamamoto shot for a takedown. Miletich stopped the takedown, landing knees to the head. Very reminiscent of the fight before. They got back up, where Miletich threw Yamamoto down for a takedown. They got up in less than a minute. Yamamoto shot for a single leg takedown. Miletich sprawled out, throwing Yamamoto on the ground. Miletich took full guard top position again. They got up again, with Miletich getting another takedown soon after. Miletich went into half guard, then into side control. After being on the back of Yamamoto for a moment, Miletich scored with a knee to the head. They got up as the round ended.

Miletich was quick to get another takedown to start the second round. Back on the feet, Miletich stuffed a takedown. Miletich got on the back of Yamamoto, throwing punches and elbows to the head. Miletich stood up, forcing Yamamoto to get up as well. While holding the head, Miletich landed a right elbow which dropped Yamamoto. On the ground, Miletich put in a guillotine choke which made Yamamoto tap. While celebrating, Miletich was limping around. He dropped to the ground shortly after. Defending his belt once again, Pat Miletich continued his championship run.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Total
Miletich 10
Yamamoto 9

Bout 7: Tito Ortiz (5-2) vs. Yuki Kondo (29-8) (UFC Middleweight Championship)


In the main event of UFC 29, Tito Ortiz put his UFC Middleweight Championship on the line against Pancrase fighter Yuki Kondo. At UFC 27, Kondo defeated Alexandre Dantas to win his UFC debut. Now, he got a title shot in his home country. Kondo was quick to land strikes in the fight. Kondo scored with a body kick and a flying knee which knocked Ortiz down. Ortiz was quick to get up, getting a takedown from a clinch. He was active with elbows and punches from the top. Lots of shots went unanswered to Kondo. They got back up, however Ortiz got another takedown from a clinch. Using his right arm, Ortiz put in a neck crank that made Kondo tap out. Making his first defence of his UFC Middleweight Championship, Tito Ortiz stopped Japan’s Yuki Kondo in the first round.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Total

Finishing off the 2000 MMA calendar was a Pride FC show titled “Cold Fury.” From the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, the show saw the return of many big promotional names, including Kazushi Sakuraba, Igor Vovchanchyn, Wanderlei Silva and more.

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