UFC Jacksonville: Drew Dober vs. Alexander Hernandez Play-by-Play

On the main card of UFC Jacksonville, lightweights Drew Dober and Alexander Hernandez faced off. Here’s how the clash panned out.

Live coverage of the entire card can be seen here.

Bout 8: Drew Dober (22-9) vs. Alexander Hernandez (11-2) (Lightweight)

Both fighters were fast and active at the start, both bouncing around on their feet. After a minute or so of closer striking, Hernandez got the first takedown of the fight. They got up in a body lock, with Hernandez landing some knees to the leg. Hernandez tried for another takedown with a minute and a half to go, however Dober was able to stop it. Dober had a good combination of punches in the final minute that made Hernandez backtrack. Hernandez was seemingly poked in the eye just before the round ended.

A cut on the eyelid of Hernandez was checked on before the second round started. Another pause almost right after the second round began, this time on Dober. Dober was walking down Hernandez and landing good shots in the first minute. He stopped another takedown attempt Hernandez. With two minutes to go, Hernandez was shook by punches. While up against the cage and taking punches, Hernandez stuck a takedown. When they got back up, Dober pressed forward with punches, however this time he was able to get the finish.

RESULT: Drew Dober def. Alexander Hernandez via TKO, Punches (RD 2, 4:25)

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Dober 9
Hernandez 10


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