Flashback Friday: Pride 14: Clash of the Titans Play-by-Play

Quick Results:

Bout 1: Antonio Schembri def. Johil de Oliveira via Submission, Armbar (RD 1, 7:17)

Bout 2: Daijiro Matsui def. Pele via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 3: Chuck Liddell def. Guy Mezger via KO, Punch (RD 2, 0:21)

Bout 4: Gary Goodridge def. Valentijn Overeem via Submission, Knee Strikes (RD 1, 2:39)

Bout 5: Vitor Belfort def. Heath Herring via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 6: Dan Henderson def. Akira Shoji via TKO, Strikes (RD 3, 3:18)

Bout 7: Wanderlei Silva def. Shungo Oyama via TKO, Punches (RD 1, 0:30)

Bout 8: Igor Vovchanchyn def. Gilbert Yvel via Submission, Rear Naked Choked (RD 1, 1:52)

Bout 9: Kazuyuki Fujita def. Yoshihiro Takayama via Submission, Arm Triangle Choke (RD 2, 3:10)

Full Coverage:

Bout 1: Johil de Oliveira (11-4-1) vs. Antonio Schembri (0-0)

Schembri was quick to shoot for a takedown, failing to do so. He tried again, failing, and getting up as Oliveira motioned to try for a kick to the head. The third failed takedown attempt was met with a kick to the body. On the feet, Oliveira was walking down Schembri. He eventually got the takedown attempt, going into full guard quickly. He eventually scored with some punches from the position. Oliveira was able to leave the position and try for a heel hook, although Schembri was able to escape and get another takedown in half guard. Schembri was able to switch into a side mount. He got up, getting back down in half guard. Schembri got into full mount, sliding in an armbar that ended the fight.

Bout 2: Daijiro Matsui (2-6-2) vs. Pele (19-5)

Attempting to break a losing streak in Pride, Daijiro Matsui returned to fight Jose Landi-Jons, who went by the name of Pele in this fight. Pele was swinging for the fences early. He landed a perfectly timed flying knee that dropped Matsui cold. Matsui stayed in the fight, with Pele getting on his back and trying for a rear naked choke. Matsui got out of the position, slamming Pele on his head and kneeing him in the head as Pele tried for an armbar. Pele got on the back of Matsui after giving up the armbar. Still on Matsui’s back, they had to be moved by referees away from a corner. Pele was striking on the back of Matsui, but the striking included some elbows. Pele was given a yellow card, and the fight resumed on the feet. Matsui avoided a knee, catching a leg and getting a takedown. They had to be moved away from the ropes as Matsui had full guard. He some strikes from the position before the round ended.

Early in the second round, Matsui jumped, trying for a strike, landing on his back on the ground. Pele tried for a stomp to the head, but it was caught which made him go down into full guard. Pele got to his feet, with Matsui getting up moments later. Pele landed a few good strikes before Matsui got another takedown. After a few minutes in the position, Matsui went into north-south. He landed one knee to the head before Pele scrambled and escaped the position. Pele got up, getting a takedown from a body lock. Matsui got top position on the ground before the round ended.

Early in the final round, Pele caught a leg and kicked the other, sweeping Matsui to the ground. Pele went down into full guard. They were moved to the middle of the ring after getting too close to the ropes. They got up, where Pele landed some good punches. Matsui had a takedown stopped, staying on his back on the ground after. Pele went down, taking full guard again. They got back up, with Pele sweeping a takedown attempt to get on top again. Matsui got a takedown as the fight ran out of time.

Bout 3: Guy Mezger (28-11-2) vs. Chuck Liddell (7-1)

Coming from the UFC, Chuck Liddell made his Pride FC debut against Guy Mezger, who won his last two fights in the promotion. Mezger wore shoes for the fight. Liddell was pushing forward early, connecting with some good strikes. Liddell clinched up, putting Mezger in a corner of the ring. They separated eventually, trading punches on the feet afterwards. They took turns with flurries, both connecting frequently. After a few minutes of striking, Liddell put Mezger in a corner again. Mezger started to bleed from the nose a little. Mezger did a body lock after Liddell separaed and opened up with some strikes. Mezger landed an overhand right in the last few seconds of the round that dropped Liddell. Liddell was quick to get back up, getting hit with a head kick and hard punch while recovering. They separated and touched gloves before they continued. They stayed on the feet until the round concluded.

Early in the second round, Liddell charged forward with hooks that connected. One of the punches, a right hook, knocked Mezger out clean and ended the fight.

Bout 4: Gary Goodridge (12-12) vs. Valentijn Overeem (19-9)

Overeem tried for a takedown early. Goodrdige stopped the attempt, landing two knees to the head to counter. Goodridge got his own takedown moments later. Overeem tried for a kimura from the bottom position. Goodridge slipped out, landing a knee to the head that made Overeem tap out. Goodridge landed many shots while the referee tried to intervene.

Bout 5: Heath Herring (9-2) vs. Vitor Belfort (17-5)

Herring threw a kick right off the bat that Belfort caught for a takedown. Herring was able to flip the situation after a minute or so, taking top position. He took side control, then got on the back of Belfort, landing punches to the head and knees to the body. Belfort flipped over eventually putting Herring on top in full guard. Belfort eventually took top position, getting on the back of Herring before he stood up, slipping him off in the process. Back on the feet, a kick connected to Belfort’s head. At the same time, Belfort shot for a takedown. Herring stopped the takedown, getting on the back of Belfort on the ground, trying for a rear naked choke. After Belfort seemingly took top position for a moment on the ground, they got up in a body lock, going back down with Herring on top again. The round ended from the position

To start the second round, Belfort put a body lock on Herring in a corner of the ring. Belfort got a takedown, although Herring was quick to get up. Herring used the ropes to stop a takedown, which made the fight pause, giving him a warning. They resumed on the feet. Belfort tried for a takedown, but Herring ended up landing in top position on the ground. They were stood up due to inactivity, with Herring getting a takedown right after. Herring got up and let Belfort get up as well, scoring a takedown right after. He stayed in top position until the round ended.

Herring connected with a head kick to start the third round, but Belfort responded by getting a takedown. Herring eventually took top position on the ground, slowly chipping away with punches. The round ended from the position.

Bout 6: Akira Shoji (8-4-5) vs. Dan Henderson (10-1)

Henderson stormed forward with punches to start, but seemingly got caught with a punch by Shoji that dropped him. Shoji took top position on the ground, getting into full guard after a wild attempt to throw strikes. Shoji got to his feet, throwing kicks to the legs of a grounded Henderson. Henderson was stood up by the referee, even though Shoji was seemingly about to go back down. Henderson landed a series of punches while holding the back of Shoji’s head. Shoji shot for a takedown, which Henderson stopped, landing knees to the head. Henderson got to his feet, forcing Shoji to stand up too. Henderson scored with more punches on the feet, getting another takedown, this time in full mount. They got back up and went back to striking. They clinched up for a minute before Henderson went back to slugging. Shoji got a trip takedown after. Before the round ended, Shoji got up and tried for a stomp on Henderson.

Henderson had a good start to the second round, being aggressive with strikes, taking Shoji to the ground quickly. Henderson took top position in full guard. They were stood up, with Shoji being given a yellow card due to inactivity. Henderson got a takedown, going into full mount.

Starting the third round, Henderson got a takedown that Shoji rolled out of, getting back to the feet. Shoji put Henderson in the corner of the ring in a clinch. Henderson landed a knee to the head which dropped Shoji. Henderson thought he won, putting his arms up, but then realized the fight was still going. Henderson went down into half guard. He eventually started to land knees to the head. After landing a second flurry of knees, the referee ended the fight.

Bout 7: Wanderlei Silva (15-3) vs. Shungo Oyama (1-1)

Becoming one of the most dangerous fighters in the promotion, Wanderlei Silva continued his Pride FC campaign facing Shungo Oyama, who was not that experienced in his career. They had an intense staredown before the fight. Silva charged forward trading punches early. He tried for a takedown, going back to punches moments later. As Oyama turned his back to him, the referee stopped the fight. The crowd seemed somewhat disapproving of the stoppage.

Bout 8: Igor Vovchanchyn (46-4-1) vs. Gilbert Yvel (24-6)

In the co-main event slot, experienced Pride FC fighters Igor Vovchanchyn and Gilbert Yvel were matched for the first time. Both fighters landed leg kicks to start. Yvel trying for a knee to the head that Vovchanchyn caught for a takedown. Vovchanchyn landed in side control, moving into side control before going into full mount. Yvel slipped onto his stomach, allowing Vovchanchyn to try for a rear naked choke. He let the choke go, throwing some punches before putting the choke back in. Yvel tapped out very quickly.

Bout 9: Kazuyuki Fujita (6-1) vs. Yoshihiro Takayama (0-0)


In an all-Japanese main event, Kazuyuki Fujita fought professional wrestler Yoshihiro Takayama. Fujita got a takedown early, moving into side mount quickly. Takayama immediately trying to get to his feet. They got to their feet in a clinch, with Takayama landing a knee to the body before they separated. Fujita shot for a takedown, with Takayama keeping it to a clinch. Fujita started to land uppercut punches from the clinch. They returned to stand-up, where both fighters landed a clean punch. They clinched up again, exchanging strikes. Takayama eventually shot for a takedown, with Fujita being able to resist it. While holding his head in a bulldog choke, Fujita landed a few knees to the head. Back on the feet, both fighters landed knees to the body. From the clinch, Fujita was able to get a takedown. Fujita landed some knees to Takayama while he was on the ground. A short pause came as they had to be moved into the middle of the ring. Fujita tried for an arm triangle choke from half guard. The round ended from the position.

Fujita landed some hard hooks to open the second round, however Takayama was taking the punches. Fujita got a takedown, moving into a north-south position. He started to land knees to the head, making Takayama move. They went to their feet, however a trip from Fujita put Takayama back down. Fujita went into side control, putting in an arm triangle choke that made Takayama unconscious.

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