Titan FC 60: Sal Guerriero vs. Daniel Gonzalez Play-by-Play

Sal Guerriero and Daniel Gonzalez fought on the main card of Titan FC 60. Here’s the action from it.

Bout 3: Sal Guerriero (1-0) vs. Daniel Gonzalez (0-1) (Bantamweight)

Both fighters tried some strikes to start, with not much landing. Guerriero tried for a takedown in the second minute of action. Guerreiro went from half guard into side control, landing a few knees to the body. Getting on the back of Gonzalez, Guerriero tried for a rear naked choke in the final minute of the round. The choke never got under the jaw, although it had pressure on it. Letting go of the choke eventually, Guerriero stayed on the back until the round ended.

Guerreiro failed for a takedown in the second round, with Gonzalez ending up on top. Guerreiro tried for a heel hook from the bottom, with Gonzalez spinning out. Gonzalez got on the back of Guerreiro, moving into full guard once he flipped around. Back on the feet, Gonzalez stopped some takedown attempts, dropping to the knees. Guerriero landed on his back on the ground, although he used force to take top position. Gonzalez reversed the position again, taking full guard. Guerreiro pushed him off in the final minute, making them go back to the feet.

Gonzalez failed with a spinning back kick in the final round, slipping and allowing Guerreiro to get a takedown because of it. They got up quickly after, with Guerreiro trying for another takedown. He got a takedown, with them getting up with half of the round to go. Gonzalez stopped many takedown attempts in the second half of the round. With a minute to go, Guerreiro got another takedown. Gonzalez seemingly slipped out of bottom position. It was emphasized throughout the broadcast that the canvas was slippery. 

RESULT: Daniel Gonzalez def. Sal Guerriero via Decision, Split

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Guerriero 10 9 10 29
Gonzalez 9 10 9 28


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