UFC Fight Night: Chris Gutierrez vs. Vince Morales Play-by-Play

Kicking off the UFC Fight Night from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Chris Gutierrez fought Vince Morales. Here’s how the action panned out.

Bout 1: Chris Gutierrez (14-3-1) vs. Vince Morales (9-4) (Featherweight)

Guetierrez, who’s known for chopping leg kicks, got to throwing his signature move right off the bat. A left hand connected clean for Gutierrez in the first minute. A spinning back kick connected seconds later for Gutierrez. He continued to connect with leg kicks as well, with damage becoming visible. While Morales wasn’t throwing much to start, he was barely throwing any strikes near the end of the round.

Morales, feeling the damage of leg kicks, was switching to southpaw in the second round. In the second minute of the fight, Morales was crouching over against the cage, showing pain from leg kicks. Leg kicks dropped Morales with under a minute left. On the ground, Morales shot for a single leg takedown, failing to do so. He got to his feet again for a minute. Being hit with many more leg kicks, Morales was eventually dropped by one, with the referee stepping in to end the fight.

RESULT: Chris Gutierrez def. Vince Morales via TKO, Kicks (RD 2, 4:27)

Live coverage of the entire show can be viewed here.

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Gutierrez 10
Morales 8


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