UFC 250: Alonzo Menifield vs. Devin Clark Play-by-Play

On the undercard, undefeated Alonzo Menifield fought Devin Clark. Here’s how the light heavyweight clash happened.

Bout 2: Alonzo Menifield (9-0) vs. Devin Clark (11-4) (Light Heavyweight)

Clark shot for a takedown immediately, although Menifield was able to back up to the cage and stay on the feet. Menifield put Clark against the cage while still in a clinch. Clark landed some short knees to the body from the position. Menifield landed hard punches that hurt Clark when they separated. In particular, it seemed like a strike hurt one of his eyes. Clark was shelled up, and got time to recover by shooting for another takedown. Menifield was able to stay on the feet again. After Clark seemingly landed some good punches, Menifield got some more punches in too. Menifield had Clark against the cage again. They stayed in the clinch for a lot of the second half of the fight, with Menifield landing some strikes from the position. In stand-up, Clark charged forward and connected with wailing hooks that had Menifield hurt. Menifield kept Clark against the cage as the round ran out of time.

Starting the second round, the left eye of Clark was swelling heavily. Clark landed a punch to start the second round, clinch for a few seconds after. Menifield shot for a takedown after throwing a combination that ended with a head kick. Clark shoved him off seconds later. The speed and power of Menifield had clearly slowed down. Menifield was still connecting, throwing a combination early. Clark connected with a head kick before they entered a body lock against the cage. They both landed knees to the body in a clinch. When exiting, Clark landed some clean punches. Menifield landed two punches before they clinched up again. Clark started to bleed from the mouth. While both fighters seemed tired, with ws much more apparent on Menifield, who was willing to sit in clinches for extended periods of time. In the final two minutes of the round, Clark landed lots of knees in the clinch. Clark had a flurry of punches to end the second round.

They clinched up to start the final round. After separated, Clark shot for a takedown that Menifield was able to stop. Back in a clinch, Clark continued with the knees to the body that he did in the rounds before. Menifield tried for a takedown in the second round which was never finished. Clark got a takedown with half of the round to go. He got on the back of Menifield, being moved into a front position quickly after. They went back to a clinch on the feet after Clark did not do much on the ground. Menifield was able to stop a takedown attempt in the final minute. They left the clinch in the closing seconds, where Clark landed some punches. Going to scorecards, Clark took a unanimous decision win (30-27, 29-28 & 29-28).

RESULT: Devin Clark def. Alonzo Menifield via Decision, Unanimous

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Menifield 10 9 9 28
Clark 9 10 10 29

Live coverage of the entire UFC 250 show can be viewed here.


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