Flashback Friday: Pride 15: Raging Rumble Play-by-Play

This is the play-by-play for a Flashback Friday article, which covers the Pride FC event “Raging Rumble” in whole. To view it, click here.

Quick Results:

Bout 1: Assuerio Silva def. Valentijn Overeem via Submission, Heel Hook (RD 1, 2:50)

Bout 2: Wallid Ismail def. Shungo Oyama via Submission, Arm Triangle Choke (RD 2, 2:30)

Bout 3: Ebenezer Fontes Braga def. Daijiro Matsui via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 4: Igor Vovchanchyn def. Masaaki Satake via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 5: Heath Herring def. Mark Kerr via TKO, Knees (RD 2, 4:56)

Bout 6: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira def. Gary Goodridge via Submission, Triangle Choke (RD 1, 2:37)

Bout 7: Kazushi Sakuraba def. Rampage Jackson via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 1, 5:41)

Bout 8: Tokimitsu Ishizawa def. Ryan Gracie via Injury (RD 1, 4:51)

Full Coverage:

Bout 1: Valentjin Overeem (19-10) vs. Assuerio Silva (7-2)

Starting off the card, Valentjin Overeem returned to fight Assueiro Silva. Overeem wore shoes for this fight. Wanderlei Silva was in the corner for Silva. Silva was quick to get a takedown in the fight. Overeem tried for a guillotine from the bottom, however it wasn’t very tight. Escaping the choke, Overeem was able to flip the position. From the bottom, Silva tried for a triangle choke while Overeem hit him with punches. Escaping the attmept, Overeem started to land lots of punches. Overeem stood up, trying for a stomp on the ground. Silva caught the leg, bringing Overeem down as he threatened a submission. Once applying pressure to a heel hook, Silva made Overeem tap out.

Bout 2: Shungo Oyama (1-2) vs. Wallid Ismail (6-2)

In the next fight, Shungo Oyama and Wallid Ismail looked ot bounce back off of a previous loss in Pride. Ismail wore wrestling shoes for the fight. They had an intense staredown before the fight. Ismail got a takedown early, with Oyama threatening a guillotine for a moment from the bottom. Ismail had a quick moment of explosive punches from top position. Ismail went into half guard eventually, throwing some knees while his other leg was somewhat out of the guard. Oyama was able to get to the feet, although Ismail stayed on him, trying for another takedown. They went to the knees, where Oyama tried for another guillotine choke. He escaped the choke, and they went back to the ground with Ismail in full guard. They were moved to the middle of the ring once they came too close to the ropes. Ismail kept with periodic strikes from top position until the round ended. Oyama teased an armbar for a second.

As Oyama threw some punches, Ismail shot for a takedown to open the second round. Oyama tried to get on the back of Ismail, although he was thrown off, landing on his back in full guard. Still in the position, Ismail scored with some punches while on the feet. They had to be moved to the middle of the ring again. After nearly getting side control, Ismail settled with half guard. He eventually started to try for an arm triangle choke in half guard, fully securing the choke when moving into side control. Oyama went out cold, ending the fight.

Bout 3: Daijiro Matsui (3-6-2) vs. Ebenezer Fontes Braga (10-5-1)

Daijiro Matsui, a fighter with a negative record fought Ebenezer Fontes Braga in the next fight. Early on, Braga landed a good combination of punches, clinching after. Matsui escaped and charged forward with strikes, but was clinched again. On the back of Matsui on the feet, Braga did some foot stomps. They were separated after a minute or so of a stalemate. Matsui rolled on the ground, however he ended up on the bottom position when they went to the ground. Matsui did palm strikes to the top of Braga’s head. They traded short strikes each from the position. They were moved to the center of the ring after being near the rope. They stayed down until the round concluded.

Matsui shot for a takedown early in the second round, not getting Braga down. He stayed on his back, with Braga choosing to go down eventually. They got up later, going back own after Braga tried for a choke. Matsui avoided a knee strike, before Braga got back to the feet. When they both got up, Matsui landed a two-punch combination clean on Braga. They clinched up in a corner after Matsui went to the ground for a moment again. This time the referee separated them because of inactivity. Matsui had a takedown stuffed, with Braga landing some knees to the head from the position. They stayed on the ground until the round ended.

Braga landed an uppercut and hook combination to start the final round. Matsui had another takedown attempt stopped, with Braga going to the feet right after. Matsui was stood up by a referee after a minute or so of a stalemate. Matsui tried to land a dropkick, missing and landing on his back. On the feet, Braga kept out-striking Matsui. Stopping a takedown again, Braga landed a knee to the head of Matsui. The fight went the distance, with Braga getting the decision win.

Bout 4: Masaaki Satake (2-5) vs. Igor Vovchanchyn (47-4-1)

In the next match, the extremely experienced Igor Vovchanchyn fought Masaaki Satake, who wore shoes for the fight. In what was slow striking to start, Vovchanchyn started to connect with hooks. The strikes eventually made Satake start to bleed from the nose. They clinched up, going into a corner of the ring while still landing punches on eachother. In another clinch, Vovchanchyn landed hard punches while on the back of Satake. A pause came so that the cut of Satake could be cleaned up. Satake scored with a good knee to the head while Vovchanchyn dipped down for a moment. While Satake was throwing some strikes, it was mostly Vovchanchyn who performed well. The round ended in a clinch.

To start the second round, Vovchanchyn clinched up on Satake in a corner, landing knees. They were separated, although returned to the position shortly after. They were brought to the center of the ring again due to inactivity. Satake was scoring with lots of leg kicks. Vovchanchyn put Satake in a corner after scoring an overhand right and body punches. Sweeping an ankle, Vovchanchyn got a takedown. He quickly got into full mount, landing some punches at a slow pace to the head before the round concluded.

Vovchanchyn started the final round with many clinches, isolating Satake in a corner of the ring. Upon a third clinch, Vovchanchyn got a takedown, landing in full mount again. They stayed down until the fight concluded.

Bout 5: Heath Herring (17-6) vs. Mark Kerr (13-2)

In the next fight, Heath Herring and Mark Kerr looked to bounce back from a previous loss in Pride FC. Kerr shot for a single leg takedown immediately, getting Herring down. Kerr got on the back of Herring at first. He moved onto the stomach of Herring. Herring tried for a kimura, letting it go shortly after. After being in half guard, Kerr moved into full guard. Kerr kept with strikes from the top position. He stayed on the ground for the rest of the round, moving into half guard for the final minute or so.

Kerr caught a knee to start the second round, getting a takedown from it. He went down in full guard. The crowd started to boo after a few minutes of slow-paced striking on the ground. They were stood up eventually, with Kerr being given a yellow card. When they resumed, Herring landed a head kick that connected clean. They went to the ground after Kerr shot for a single leg takedown. On their knees, Herring started to land knees to the head. The knees continued until the referee stood them up, ending the fight.

Bout 6: Gary Goodridge (13-12) vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (11-1-1)

Making his Pride FC debut, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira fought promotional gatekeeper Gary Goodridge. Goodridge wore shoes in this fight. Nogueira shot for a takedown early, with Goodridge stopping it. Nogueira tried for another takedown. Goodridge tried to get on top on the ground, but Nogueira was able to reverse the position, getting half guard on top. Goodridge reversed the position, getting top position. Nogueira slipped in a triangle choke from bottom position, making Goodridge tap out quickly.

Bout 7: Rampage Jackson (10-1) vs. Kazushi Sakuraba (12-2-1)

In the next fight, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson made his Pride FC debut, facing the star of the promotion, Kazushi Sakuraba. Jackson wore his trademark chain to the ring, and wore shoes in the fight. Sakuraba shot for a takedown immediately, taking Jackson down after holding a leg for a minute. They got up in a clinch. Sakuraba was slammed to the mat twice, staying on the ground the second time. Sakuraba tried for a triangle on the bottom, being slammed by Jackson a few more times in the process. Sakuraba tried for an armbar, with Jackson escaping the armbar with another slam. While trying to escape the move, Jackson almost threw Sakuraba out of the ring. They went back to the feet, although Sakuraba got another takedown moments later. Sakuraba went into side control, being hit with some knees to the head. Sakuraba tried for a kimura, but Jackson got out. They went to the feet, where Jackson got a takedown. On the ground, Sakuraba got on the back of Jackson, putting in a rear naked choke almost immediately.

Bout 8: Ryan Gracie (1-1) Tokimitsu Ishizawa (0-1)


The main event was a classic Gracie versus Japanese fighter matchup, with Ryan Gracie fighting Tokimitsu Ishizawa. Ishizawa had wrestling shoes equipped for the fight. Ishizawa got a takedown early, going into side control while Gracie threatened a guillotine choke. Ishizawa was quick to get up, leaving Gracie on his back on the ground. They stayed in the position for a minute or so before the referee broke it up. Ishizawa got another takedown, going into side control. Ishizawa got up after they were on the ground for a while. Gracie was stood up by a referee. After Gracie missed a kick, Ishizawa got a takedown. The fight was stopped as Gracie seemingly got injured in the ribs.

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