UFC on ESPN+ 32: Justin Jaynes vs. Gavin Tucker Play-by-Play

After a debut win in June, Justin Jaynes returned on UFC’s card on Saturday to face Gavin tucker. Here’s how his fight went.

Bout 3: Justin Jaynes (16-4) vs. Gavin Tucker (11-1) (Featherweight)

The first half of the round saw the fighter exchange striking on the feet. Jaynes dropped Tucker with an uppercut in the fourth minute. Jaynes landed some ground and pound on the ground before working his way back to his feet. Jaynes hurt him again with strikes. Tucker got a takedown in the final minute, although Jaynes tried for a guillotine choke from the bottom. Tucker was able to escape the position, although the first layer of his pants slipped down in the process. From top position, Tucker tried for an arm triangle choke. Moving into side control, Tucker kept with the arm triangle until the round ended.

Tucker had a good start in the second round, charging forward while landing kicks and punches. Jaynes was basically playing defence for the first minute-and-a-half of the fight, although he did start to throw after that. A head kick from Tucker hurt Jaynes halfway throughout the round. A punch knocked out Jaynes’ mouthguard, causing a short pause in the fight while he put it back in. Jaynes almost caught a head kick in the fourth minute for a takedown. Tucker con tinued to press forward and connect with strikes throughout the second round. Jaynes was visibly tired and hurt near the end of the second round, wobbling around the edges of the octagon.

Tucker tried for a single leg takedown to start the final round, but Jaynes was able to avoid going down. A knee to the head in the first minute made jaynes pace backwards, clearly hurt. Jaynes shot for a takedown as Tucker was coming forward. Tucker got on the back of Jaynes, trying for a rear naked choke with three-and-a-half minutes left to work. Tucker got the choke under the chin of Jaynes, causing a tap and ending the fight.

RESULT: Gavin Tucker def. Justin Jaynes via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 3, 1:43)

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Jaynes 10 9
Tucker 9 10

Live coverage of the entire evening can be viewed here.

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