Pancrase To Return With “Pancrase 318 – Beyond 317!” on September 27th

Japanese MMA promotion Pancrase is set to hold “Pancrase 318 – Beyond 317!” on September 27th, the promotion’s first event back after cancelling a card due to a fighter testing positive with COVID-19.

The card will feature a championship bout, as Genpei Hayashi and Tatsuya Saika will fight for the vacant interim Lightweight King of Pancrase Championship.

The promotion’s previous event, Pancrase 317, was cancelled in August after a fighter tested positive for COVID-19.

Unlike the previous events held by Pancrase in 2020, Pancrase 318 will be take place without a live audience from the Studio Coast in Tokyo, Japan.

Previously featured on subscription platform UFC Fight Pass, the upcoming Pancrase card will be presented on Youtube with English commentary. The livestream, which will be presented for free, will offer a donation function to viewers.

The card currently has 19 bouts listed in total, including the grand finals of the middleweight and lightweight “Neo Blood Tournaments,” an annual bracket put on by the promotion.

Former UFC fighter Yoshinori Horie will also be on the card, facing fellow featherweight Taichi Nakajima.

The broadcast for “Pancrase 318: Beyond 137” is set to begin at 2:45AM EDT (2:30PM JST) on September 27th.


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