Former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz Voted Into Huntington Beach City Council

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz was elected to the city council of Huntington Beach, California, USA, on Tuesday. Ortiz received 34,000 votes to take one of the three seats available, per the Los Angeles Times.

Ortiz took a seat alongside Dan Kalmick and Natalie Moser. The three candidates beat 12 other potential candidates.

Ortiz’s campaign used a similar catchphrase to US President Donald Trump, a politician he greatly endorses, saying he wants to “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again.”

Ortiz has peddled numerous baseless claims lately around COVID-19 leading up to the vote, including saying it was “population control” by the left that would “go away” after November 3rd, the date of the US Presidential election.

In May, Ortiz shared an image on his Instagram page that claimed the sun “kills COVID-19.”

Ortiz has been a supporter of “All Lives Matter,” a counter-effort against the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

He has previously referred to UFC fighter Tyron Woodley, a supporter of “Black Lives Matter,” as a “terrorist.”

The official site for Ortiz’s running mentioned his values, saying he is in favour of a limited government, school choice and fewer regulations on business in the area, including lowering taxes for them.

He also mentioned his support for “law enforcement and first responders” and lessening homelessness in the area.

Ortiz has competed in MMA for over two decades. His last fight was in December of 2019, where he defeated Alberto el Patron on a Combate Americas card.

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