UFC 255: Brandon Moreno vs. Brandon Royval Play-by-Play

Former LFA Flyweight Champion Brandon Royval fought high-ranked flyweight Brandon Moreno to close out Saturday’s UFC prelims. Here’s how their fight went.

Bout 7: Brandon Moreno (17-5-1) vs. Brandon Royval (12-4) (Flyweight)

Moreno landed a three-punch combo in the opening minute of the fight. Royval threw a knee to the head that seemingly grazed Moreno. Moreno clinched with Royval for a takedown a minute into the fight. Moreno took full guard on top, but Royval was able to escape and return to the feet from the position. Moreno got on the back of Royval for a takedown in the third minute after avoiding a spinning back elbow, which Royval had attempted a few times before in the round. Moreno looked for a rear naked choke in the fourth minute of the round. After not being able to get the arms under Royval’s chin, Moreno tried to twist the head of Rovyal. Moreno took full guard on top after they stood up for a moment. Royval grabbed a leg of Moreno for a moment. Moreno got on the back of Royval, landing a series of hammerfist punches. Royval was not guarding himself and was moving on the bottom, clearly getting hurt by something. The referee stopped the fight with a minute to go.

RESULT: Brandon Moreno def. Brandon Royval via TKO, Injury (RD 1, 4:59)

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total

Live coverage of UFC 255 can be viewed here.

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