Tsuyoshi Sudario Given Penalty Following Controversial RIZIN 27 Win

Tsuyoshi Sudario lands a punch on Kazushi Miyamoto while the referee attempts to pull him off.
Tsuyoshi Sudario had to be pulled off Kazushi Miyamoto by the referee and a coach. (RIZIN FF)

The Japan MMA Official Committee (JMOC) has issued penalties to RIZIN heavyweight Tsuyoshi Sudario and ringside coaches due to an altercation after his fight against Kazushi Miyamoto that happened on Sunday.

Sudario has been issued a “red card” and been deduced 25% of his fight purse due to landing numerous punches on Miyamoto after their fight was officially stopped. The punches continued to come after the referee dove between the heavyweights and finally stopped when coach Enson Inoue pulled Sudario off Miyamoto.

The corners of both fighters, which included Inoue and Noboru Uchida, were both given warnings due to a physical altercation after the fight that forced them to be separated.

The incident took place during RIZIN 27, which was at the Nagoya Civic General Gymnasium in Nagoya, Japan.

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