Renan Ferreira’s PFL Win Against Fabricio Werdum Overturned To No Contest

Renan Ferreira’s first-round stoppage win against Fabricio Werdum at PFL’s May 6th card was overturned to a no contest Monday. The change in result comes due to a tap from Ferreira that was not seen by the referee during the fight, per a report from Marc Raimondi of ESPN.

The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board made the decision to overturn the fight due to a tap-out from Ferreira that was seen while he was in a triangle choke position. Ferreira was able to escape the choke after his tap went unnoticed, then went on to finish the fight with ground and pound in the third minute.

The outcome caused controversy at the event, as Werdum mentioned he felt the tap during the fight.

“I think everybody saw the fight, he tapped,” said Werdum in his post-fight interview.

The result was not able to be changed the night of the event due to PFL’s option to not use instant replay in the refereeing of their events.

The change in the result has also been reflected in PFL’s heavyweight standings. Instead of Ferreira being given six points and Werdum coming out of the event with none, both fighter now has one point.

The fight headlined a PFL event from the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA.

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