Brady Hiestand Prevails Over Josh Rettinghouse In Overtime Round on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Brady Hiestand secured the last spot in the bantamweight semifinals of UFC TV show “The Ultimate Fighter” with a win over Josh Rettinghouse on Tuesday’s episode. The fight saw both fighters shine in the opening rounds, with Hiestand pulling away in overtime to secure a win.

Hiestand had a strong start to the fight, spending a large portion of the opening round on the back of Rettinghouse. While Rettinghouse was never in big trouble due to submission attempts, he had to fend off a rear naked choke at one point.

Rettinghouse came back and tied the fight up in the next round, keeping the bout standing and picking Hiestand apart on the feet.

With the fight tied after two rounds, they went into the overtime third round. This is when Hiestand started to regain control through a mix of wrestling and striking.

Rettinghouse was billed as one of the most experienced fighters in the tournament, having competed as a pro since 2011. The former M-1 Bantamweight Champion was fight for the first time since 2019 on the TV show.

Hiestand has had a much shorter career than Rettinghouse, as his record consists of six pro fights since 2018. He took a spot on “TUF” after a 31-second submission win last year.

Hiestand joins Liudvik Sholinian, Vince Murdock and Ricky Turcios in the semi-finals of the bantamweight bracket.

The middleweight quarter-finals will wrap up next week when Miles Hunsinger and Gilbert Urbina face off.

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