Mikuru Asakura vs. Kyohei Hagiwara To Headline New RIZIN ‘LANDMARK’ Series

Mikuru Asakura points across the RIZIN ring.
Mikuru Asakura will face Kyohei Hagiwara in the first RIZIN “LANDMARK” Event (RIZIN FF)

Japanese MMA star Mikuru Asakura will fight Kyohei Hagiwara on October 2nd, headlining the first RIZIN “LANDMARK” event.

The show is scheduled to take place in a studio setting without a live attendance. The location for the event is not known, although the announcement vaguely stated that the card will take place at a “landmark” in Tokyo.

The new series from the promotion was announced at a press conference on Saturday.

The pairing puts together two fighters in RIZIN who are known for their confidence and brawler styles.

Hagiwara entered RIZIN last summer and made a name for himself with explosive fights. He quickly attained a record of two wins and one loss heading into New Year’s Eve.

He defeated former kickboxer Ren Hiramoto in late 2020, stopping him in the second round of a grudge match with ground and pound.

Asakura will be returning after losing a featherweight bout to Kleber Koike in June. The bout was his second loss through his past five appearances.

Veterans Imanari and Kasugai To Collide

A matchup between MMA veterans Masakazu Imanari and Takeshi Kasugai was also set up for the card.

Both experienced JMMA bantamweights entered RIZIN earlier this year to compete in the promotion’s 16-man tournament.

Kasugai lost in the opening round to Hiromasa Ougikubo, losing on scorecards.

Imanari, a veteran fighter who is best known for having the imanari roll named after him, lost his RIZIN debut to Kenta Takizawa in the first round of the grand prix. He was making the move to RIZIN after a five-fight run in ONE Championship.

Former GP Fighters Watanabe and Ito Matched

In another bout between former Grand Prix competitors, Shooto Watanabe and Kuya Ito will fight in early October.

Watanabe had one of the toughest challenges in the opening round of the bracket, fighting former RIZIN Bantamweight Champion Kai Asakura. He was finished in the fourth minute of the fight with strikes.

Watanabe had scored his first RIZIN win earlier this year, defeating Takumi Tamaru.

Ito, a veteran of local promotion GRACHAN, lost in the tournament to Kintaro.

Updated Lineup:

Two more fights are set to be added to the card, per the promotion’s English Twitter page. Here’s the lineup currently:

Bout 3: Mikuru Askakura (14-3) vs. Kyohei Hagiwara (4-3) (149 lbs) (MMA Bout)

Bout 2: Masakazu Imanari (38-20-2) vs. Takeshi Kasugai (26-8-1) (134 lbs) (MMA Bout)

Bout 1: Shooto Watanabe (22-6-6) vs. Kuya Ito (10-7-1) (134 lbs) (MMA Bout)

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