LA County District Attorney Drops Domestic Battery Charge Against Former UFC Champ Chuck Liddell

Charges of domestic battery on former UFC Champion Chuck Liddell will not be pursued by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, per recent reports.

The prosecution cited “lack of sufficient evidence” as their reasoning for not pressing charges, per ESPN’s Marc Raimondi. The situation was filed as a “cross complaint,” as both Liddell and his wife had accused the other of committing domestic violence.

Documents obtained by Damon Martin of MMA Fighting include details from a report filed the night of the arrest.

Liddell reportedly had a red mark on his face and chest following the incident. His wife did not have any physical marks. Liddell’s daughter told police that the couple engaged in an argument and that they were “pushing each other.”

Liddell was arrested on October 11 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Following his release from the Lost Hills Sheriff Station, Liddell claimed that he was the victim in the situation and that more details would be revealed in “due course.”

Liddell has since filed for divorce with his wife.

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