Light Heavyweight Veteran Jake Heun Awaiting Sentencing For Drug Charges In Australia

Light heavyweight MMA veteran Jake Heun is currently awaiting sentencing for serious drug charges in Australia.

Heun, 34, appeared at the County Court of Victoria on Thursday for a plea hearing for his case. His sentencing is expected to happen on November 19th.

Heun was first arrested in September 2020. He pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine and importing a commercial quantity of methamphetamine in May.

Court documents say Heun allowed illegal drugs to be delivered to his residence in exchange for cash payments.

An investigation first started in September 2020 when the Australian Border Force (ABF) flagged a damaged cardboard box that was leaking a “crystallized substance.” The package was labeled with an address that Heun had resided at recently.

Officers tested the contents of the package, with results showing that it contained methamphetamine.

The package contained 801 grams of pure methamphetamine. Federal law rules any amount more than 750 grams to be a “commercial” volume of the substance.

Police carried out a search on the address that Heun had recently resided at later that month. While they didn’t seize anything in the process, they later saw Heun on the street and confronted him.

Heun was taken to the Australian Federal Police Headquarters for a recorded interview and a mobile phone that he had possessed was seized.

In the interview, Heun admitted to having his address used to import illegal drugs. Heun claimed it was implied that the drugs would be performance-enhancing, like anabolic steroids or testosterone.

Heun used a “Wickr Me” mobile phone app to communicate when packages would arrive. He received a payment of $1,000 for each transaction and said the package that authorities obtained was the third being sent his way.

The cocaine charge related to Heun comes from information that police found through the seizing of his phone. Heun engaged in online conversations that show his involvement in the trafficking of cocaine.

Heun was in a WhatsApp conversation that included images of packaging that are “indicative of drug trafficking.” This includes an image of a drug test kit result that read “Very High Cocaine Content.”

Conversations on messaging service Signal also show Heun’s involvement in cocaine trafficking from May 2019 up until the month of his arrest.

Police also obtained CCTV footage of Heun shipping out a silver package at an Australia Post location.

Authorities estimate between 35 and 40 grams were trafficked by Heun between September 11th and September 17th of 2020.

Heun was an active MMA fighter from 2011 to 2019. He fought in notable promotions like PFL (formerly known as WSOF) and RIZIN, and participated in Season 19 of UFC TV show “The Ultimate Fighter.”

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