PFL Reveals Featherweight Cast For Fourth ‘Challenger Series’ Week

The fourth episode of PFL’s “Challenger Series” will feature eight featherweight prospects fighting for a spot on the regular season roster. The cast for this episode was announced by the promotion Thursday.

The episode is scheduled to air on March 11th. Earlier weeks in the show is set to include light heavyweights, welterweights and lightweights.

The most experienced name in the featherweight field is Reinaldo Ekson, who enters the show with a pro record of over 20 fights. He is the current EFC Featherweight Champion, a title he earned last year and has defended once since then.

The episode is expected to include Edwin Cooper Jr., who is getting the shot after attaining three consecutive wins in LFA.

Aaron Blackie is one of the international names on the show, coming from Australia to compete. He has fought as a pro since 2014 and boasts a record of eight wins and two losses.

Scottie Stockman will also appear on the card. He has been active since turning pro in 2020, scoring three MMA wins and defeating an opponent in boxing as well.

Former UAE Warriors Featherweight Champion Lee Do Gyeom is part of the show. He will be fighting to bounce back from a loss he took against Ali Aliqaisi in October.

Brahyan Zurcher will be the sole undefeated fighter on this episode, joining the show after attaining two wins in his rookie year as a pro.

NFC Featherweight Champion Josh Blyden received the call to be on this card, doing so after defending his belt in March 2021.

The eighth member of the episode is Mike Barnett, who enters the show with a record of 11 wins through 14 bouts.

The matchups for the episode will be confirmed at a later date.

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