Zviad Lazishvili Given 10-Month USADA Suspension

UFC bantamweight Zviad Lazishvili has been handed a 10-month suspension by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

Lazishvili is being given the suspension due to an October 2021 drug test that showed prohibited substance clomiphene in his system.

Lazishvili joined the UFC roster last year, losing his debut in October 2021 against Jonathan Martinez.

Per a press release issued by USADA, Lazishvili was able to prove that he had only taken clomiphene before entering their testing pool. However, he still faces suspension due to not declaring the substance on his “onboarding declaration” form.

Lazishvili’s suspension was shortened due to these factors, along with his “full and complete cooperation” with the process.

Lazishvili had previously faced a sanction by the Nevada State Athletic Commission due to a positive test for clomiphene. Last month, he was given a nine-month suspension by the state and had to pay a fine of just over $2,000.

The USADA suspension will take Lazishvili out of action until August 2022.

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