Mohammed Usman Takes Decision Nod Over Mitchell Sipe on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Mohammed Usman is the second heavyweight fighter to advance to the semi-finals on the current season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Usman’s victory, which aired for the first time on Tuesday, saw him work toward a close decision victory over Mitchell Sipe. Their fight utilized its overtime round, as scorecards had it tied after two rounds of action.

The heavyweights engaged in a back-and-forth stand-up battle through all three rounds.

The most action-packed round was the first frame, as both heavyweights earned knockdowns. Sipe struck first, cracking Usman with an overhand right.

Usman answered back shortly after, getting Sipe to the ground with a punch. Both fighters landed ground and pound shots briefly after their knockdowns as well.

Usman received the decision nod following tight second and third rounds on the feet. The heavyweights unloaded with combinations throughout the fight, although it was Usman that landed the cleaner punches.

Usman, a PFL and Titan FC alum, entered this season of “TUF” with a pro record of seven wins and two losses.

Usman now joins Zac Pauga in the semi-finals of the heavyweight bracket for Season 30 of “TUF.” Pauga won on the season premiere earlier this year, defeating Nyle Bartling via decision.

The show will return to the flyweight division for next week’s episode.

The next episode is scheduled to include a bout between Chantel Coates and Brogan Walker. The preview for the episode teased that issues leading up to the fight might cause it to not happen.

It was specifically mentioned that Walker suffered a knee injury in training and that Coates struggled greatly with her weight cut.

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