Manel Kape Reaches Agreement With NAC, Remains Eligible To Compete At UFC 275

UFC flyweight Manel Kape has struck an agreement with the Nevada Athletic Commission that will allow him to avoid major penalties for a recent drug test.

In a meeting held this week with the commission, Kape agreed to do two drug tests for the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency between April to September. If the tests both come back negative, he will regain his license to compete within the state of Nevada.

Kape was given these terms due to a recent drug test that found M3 metabolite in his system. The drug test, which was registered last month, forced him out of an April 23rd booking against Sumudaerji.

The week of that fight, Kape announced on social media that a drug test forced him off the card. In that statement, he denied intentionally ingesting any prohibited substance and claimed that there were only 17 picograms of the metabolite in his system.

The terms of Kape’s agreement with the Nevada commission allow him to proceed with his booking at UFC 275 on June 11th. In that matchup, Kape is expected to appear in Singapore against Rogerio Bontorin.

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