JMMA Monday Audio 8/1/22: RIZIN 37 Quick Reactions!

JMMA Monday Audio is back with quick reactions following RIZIN 37. Riding solo this week, we’re talking about the fallout from the RIZIN Super Atomweight Grand Prix Quarter-Finals, plus other big headlines coming out of the promotion’s recent return to the Saitama Super Arena.

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The written version of this week’s “JMMA Monday” can be read here.


Seika Izawa poses at the top of a ramp at RIZIN 37.
Seika Izawa prevailed in the main event of RIZIN 37 (RIZIN FF)

0:00: Intro

1:05: Discussing the RIZIN Super Atomweight Grand Prix results

10:20: How do you book the semi-finals of the Super Atomweight Grand Prix?

12:22: Discussing different styles of grand prix scheduling

14:50: YUSHI earns his second win in RIZIN

17:00: Other honorable mentions from RIZIN 37

21:20: How good was this show?

23:35: What’s next for RIZIN’s schedule? And discussing RIZIN 38

26:50: Issues with the international feed for RIZIN 37

29:30: Outro

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