JMMA Monday Audio 8/8/22: Final RIZIN 37 Thoughts, Kickboxing Check-Up, Exhibition Matches, And More

In this week’s “JMMA Monday Audio,” we were joined by Babalu Jack of the “High Kicks & Armbars” podcast.

We had a lengthy discussion about a variety of topics surrounding the Japanese combat sports scene. This podcast includes some final thoughts on RIZIN 37, a preview of this month’s top Japanese kickboxing events, and much more.

The “High Kicks & Armbars” podcast can be found on the SogoKaku Youtube channel.

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Park Si-woo throws a leg kick to Kanna Asakura.
Park Si-woo’s impressive RIZIN 37 win was discussed on this week’s podcast (RIZIN FF)

0:00: Intro

1:25: Some final thoughts on RIZIN 37

15:00: Discussing upcoming kickboxing events (K-1 Japan and RISE Kickboxing)

23:10: What is it like to watch events in Japan?

36:13: Exhibition matches. What do we think about them?

48:30: Outro

Correction: It was mentioned on the podcast that Takahito Niimi is the current Krush Featherweight Champion. The current Krush Featherweight Champion is Shuhei Kumura.

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