JMMA Monday Audio 10/3/22: RIZIN 38 Fallout, Reaction To New RIZIN 39, LANDMARK Matchups

Park Si-woo smiles while holding a microphone in the RIZIN ring.
Park Si-woo’s win is one of the many topics discussed on the latest “JMMA Monday Audio” (RIZIN FF)

The podcast version of “JMMA Monday” is back this week! Christopher Aguiar joined us to discuss RIZIN 38 fallout, plus the recently booked fights for RIZIN 39 and the fourth-ever “LANDMARK” event.

A big thanks to Aguiar for hopping on the pod for the second time! You can check out his work at, and follow him on Twitter at AguiarMMA.

How to listen to the podcast:






0:00: Intro

0:50: Reflecting on Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition bout, #flowergate

10:00: Discussing Park Si-woo’s win

15:30: Discussing Seika Izawa’s win

19:50: The New Year’s Eve rematch between Park and Izawa

23:25: Running through the rest of RIZIN 38

33:30: Discussing RIZIN 39, “LANDMARK” Vol. 4

45:00: Outro

Other Notes From The Week

  • Legendary Japanese pro wrestler Antonio Inoki passed away Saturday at 79. He will be remembered as not only an influential figure in wrestling, but also someone with deep ties in combat sports, popular culture, politics, and more.
  • The biggest RIZIN story this week was news around the upcoming “LANDMARK” card.
    • So here’s the deal if you’re out of the loop. “TRIGGER” is no more. “LANDMARK,” which originally had the theme of a short card in front of a small audience, will now instead just have the “TRIGGER” format of 10-15 fights in a cage.
    • This card is… Good? There’s a lot of really solid names on this show. Some “TRIGGER” shows have been a little meh in the past, but this feels like what the second tier of cards for RIZIN should look like in my opinion.
    • Yuki Motoya vs. Kazuma Kuramoto is great. Masakazu Imanari, Takaki Soya, Yang Ji-yong, Alan Yamaniha, Uoi Fullswing and more are on the card.
    • Tapology has the full lineup here.
  • Signings!
    • Yamato Nishikawa is going to the UFC. Straight through! He’s stepping in to face Magomed Mustafaev at UFC 280 later this month!
      • You might know Nishikawa as the guy who was fought like a trillion times (the real number is 30 times) and is still only 19.
    • Interim Welterweight Pancrase Champion Masayuki Kikuiri is headed to Bellator.
  • Wholesome topic to end the issue: Some fighters have stepped up to help others out.
    • Here’s the story. Per the Asahi Shimbun, roughly 63,000 homes were without water last week after a typhoon came through the Shimizu Ward in Shizuoka.
    • So MMA fighter Miyuu Yamamoto, plus kickboxers Kazuki Miburo and Ryo Aitaka all donate large amounts of water to the area.

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