Knockdown News on Indefinite Pause

Hello readers of the Knockdown Daily newsletter. I’m writer and reporter Jack Wannan.

I’m writing to announce that Knockdown News, along with the Knockdown Daily newsletter will be on pause indefinitely.

Today, I am beginning a six-week internship program at CBC’s Front Burner podcast. I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity and hope to give it 100% of my effort so I can learn and become a better journalist.

Focusing on the internship fully means that my work for Knockdown News will have to be paused. I am leaving this break as indefinite so that there is more flexibility regarding when it can return — for example, I don’t want to tell you I’ll be on break for six weeks, then, later on, realize I have to take more time away. That’s not fair to you.

I hope you are understanding of my decision. It has been a pleasure to report on MMA through the website and newsletter for just under three full years. If you want to get in contact during this break, I can always be reached via email ( or Twitter (@JackWannan).

Thank you for reading this newsletter and supporting independent journalism.


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