Stun Gun’s Life As An Entertainer

The Korean television career Dong Hyun Kim has that most MMA fans aren’t aware of

In the summer of 2017, Dong Hyun Kim fought the tiring and often frustrating welterweight contender Colby Covington. Losing after three decisive rounds, Kim has yet to fight in MMA again since.

But to say that he hasn’t been doing anything else since wouldn’t be true.

Alongside comedians, musicians and other entertainers, the “Stun Gun” has made himself a re-occurring name in Korean variety. On Monday, this was reinforced even more as the MMA fighter was confirmed as one of the “new fixed members” on variety show “All the Butlers.”

The “Stun Gun” And His Strong Personality

Starting a 2018 episode of “Knowing Bros,” Kim aggressively swings a door open to join the set of the TV show, followed by recording artist Zico. Both donning a backpack and uniform in a fake school setting, the premise of the show is that both celebrities have transferred to this class which has a regular cast of entertainers present.

There is no doubt that Kim’s UFC career etched out a gimmick for him.

“Who is the strongest student in the school?” he’s quick to ask, revealing his tough-guy gimmick from the start.

And really, the “fighter” gimmick is what a lot of the shows he is on bases his appearance on.

Countless are the amount of appearances where Kim finds himself wrestling (most often in the Korean folk style of Ssireum), dodging punches or putting hosts in jiu-jitsu moves.

Not Just A Fighter

While being the “tough guy” is the character Kim often has, it’s no limitation to what he can present himself as.

Take for example the duet Kim did with artist Bobby Kim, performing ballad “MaMa.” The performance comes from “Wanna be Singers,” a show where celebrities trained to perform music.

Kim’s appearance on “Great Escape” showcased a less macho persona, as he was justifiably cautious and terrified while working with a team to fight zombies. One segment of an episode saw the fighter sprint away from a door shrieking after a prop head appeared in the doorway.

It’s been a few years since Kim fought now, although it looks like he’s still in the gym. On his personal Youtube channel “StungunTV,” Kim is frequently posting videos from inside the Team Stun Gun Seoul gym. His Youtube channel is mostly MMA and fitness related with other types of content being put out sporadically too.

While it’s unclear when or if Kim will fight again, its obvious that he has found a second home in entertainment.

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