Flashback Friday: Pride 11: Battle of the Rising Sun

Heading to the Osaka Castle Hall in Osaka, Japan, Pride FC held their fifth event of the year “Battle of the Rising Sun.” In the main event, promotional star Kazushi Sakuraba faced American fighter Shannon Ritch. The show also saw the return of recognizable names in the promotion like Masaaki Satake, Igor Vovchanchyn, Gary Goodridge, Wanderlei Silva and more. Let’s take a look.

Original Date: 10/31/00

Podcast Version:

Quick Results – Click to skip to a part:

Bout 1: Heath Herring def. Tom Erikson via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 1, 6:17)

Bout 2: Wanderlei Silva vs. Gilbert Yvel via No Contest, Groin Kick

Bout 3: Gary Goodridge def. Yoshiaki Yatsu via TKO, Punches (RD 1, 8:58)

Bout 4: Alexander Otsuka def. Mike Bourke via Submission, Double Armbar (RD 1, 2:37)

Bout 5: Akira Shoji def. Herman Renting via Submission, Armbar (RD 1, 3:48)

Bout 6: Igor Vovchanchyn def. Nobuhiko Takada via Submission, Punches (RD 2, 3:17)

Bout 7: Naoya Ogawa def. Masaaki Satake via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 2, 2:01)

Bout 8: Kazushi Sakuraba def. Shannon Ritch via Submission, Achilles Lock (RD 1, 1:08)

Full Report:

Bout 1: Tom Erikson (7-0) vs. Heath Herring (14-5) (10+10)

Kicking off the card it was an all-American matchup between undefeated Tom Erikson and Heath Herring. Eddie Bravo was back on the commentary team for this show. Both of these fighters had one previous win in Pride. Erikson got a takedown right off the bat in half guard. Erikson tried for a move eventually, which made Herring roll out of the position. After lots of movement, they basically went back into the position that gave Erikson half guard. Erikson landed a good left hand before Herring got up and escaped the position. Herring went back to the ground, rolling onto his back. Erikson got side control. Erikson went into full guard, trying for a neck crank for a moment before Herring escaped. They eventually were stood up due to inactivity which fired Herring up. Herring was explosive on the feet, landing a head kick. He threw another before Erikson fell on the ground, landing on his stomach. Herring got on his back and put in a rear naked choke, making Erikson tap out. Turning the tides of a losing battle, Heath Herring got his second win in Pride.

Bout 2: Gilbert Yvel (23-5) vs. Wanderlei Silva (13-3) (10+10)

On Pride 10, both Wanderlei Silva and Gilbert Yvel walked away with brutal stoppage wins. Now, the explosive fighters were pitted against each other. They had quite the intense staredown before the fight. In the opening few seconds of the fight, Yvel was kicked in the cup. He was down and clearly in lots of pain. Yvel got up after minutes on the ground although it was clear he was still in lots of pain. After minutes of trying to get Yvel to recover, the fight was cancelled. The fighters shook hands afterwards. 

Bout 3: Yoshiaki Yatsu (0-0) vs. Gary Goodridge (10-12) (10+10)

Making his MMA debut, Yoshiaki Yatsu fought Gary Goodridge. This was the sixth consecutive Pride show that Goodridge was on, being knocked out with a head kick from Gilbert Yvel on the last show. The brutal knockout happened just over two months before. It became clear early that Yatsu could not hang striking-wise with Goodridge. Yatsu kept moving backwards with his arms out getting hit with punches by Goodridge. Yatsu was knocked down by leg kicks. The amount of damage Yatsu was taking without much of a response was lopsided. The crowd was seemingly majority behind him, cheering every time he would shoot for a takedown. Despite all the damage Yatsu took, he was able to stay on his feet for a long time. Yatsu took a series of uppercut punches while having one arm resting on a rope. Yatsu finally got a takedown after numerous minutes of taking damage. Yatsu tried for some leg move that commentary couldn’t recognize. Goodridge got his legs out of the position, getting on the back of   Yatsu now. He landed lots of hooks to the head from this position. He landed a knee to the head, which gave Goodridge a yellow card. Goodridge understood he broke the rules and didn’t really protest this. They resumed on the feet, where landed half a dozen uppercuts before the fight was called off. After dozens of instances where the fight could have been stopped, the fight was stopped, giving Gary Goodridge the win. This snapped a three-fight losing streak the Canadian fighter was dealing with.

Bout 4: Alexander Otsuka (1-5) vs. Mike Bourke (3-1) (10+10)

The next fight saw Alexander Otsuka return on a three-fight losing streak to fight the Mike Bourke, who was making his Pride debut. Bourke was wearing a tank top, shorts and shoes. Very casual outfit. Otsuka tried for a takedown after Bourke charged forward with strikes. That didn’t work, with them separating. They went to the ground after Otsuka was hit with a kick to the body. Otsuka tried for an armbar from the bottom position. The left leg of Otsuka got caught in Bourke’s shirt, which the referee fixed. Bourke got on Otsuka’s back, although Osuka escaped and went into side control. Bourke was able to get full guard on top again. Otsuka tried for the rare double armbar which made Bourke tap out. Otsuke celebrated by doing a flip off of the ropes. In maybe one of the most rare MMA finishes, Alexander Otsuka got a long-awaited win. This was the last time Bourke would appear in Pride, finishing his career in the King of the Cage promotion.

Bout 5: Akira Shoji (7-3) vs. Herman Renting (1-1) (10+10)

Making his Pride FC debut, Herman Renting was put up against Akira Shoji. Shoji clinched up early, getting a takedown from the position. In full guard, Shoji was able to move Renting over to the middle of the ring. Shoji landed some punches to the body while on top. Shoji stood up, moving into side control. He moved into full mount eventually. Shoji did a headbutt from the position twice which flew under the radar of the referee. He went back into side control for a moment before going back into full mount. He got up and tried for an armbar but it wasn’t secure enough to keep it in. Renting slipped out and got up. Shoji got a double leg takedown, putting in the armbar again, making Renting tap out. With his second armbar win in a row, Akira Shoji tied his previous winning streak in Pride with this fight. Renting never fought in Pride again, competing in MMA one more time before retiring.

Bout 6: Igor Vovchanchyn (43-3) vs. Nobuhiko Takada (2-4) (10+10)

One of Pride’s most successful fighters Igor Vovchanchyn was put up against Nobuhiko Takada in the next fight. The first minute of the fight was somewhat slow. It was clear that the crowd favoured Takada, as they reacted louder when he landed something. Vovchanchyn scored with a series of strikes that had Takada cornered. Takada got a takedown in the second minute, getting full guard on the ground. They were moved to the center of the ring as they got close to the ropes. Takada landed knees to the thigh for a few minutes in this position. They were stood up with four minutes left in the round. Takada grazed Vovchanchyn with a head kick. Takada shot for a takedown, however Vovchanchyn was able to get on his back on the ground. Vovchanchyn scored with lots of punches from the position. Vovchanchyn eventually got into full mount where he landed with some more punches. Takada endured the position until the round ended. He had a little trouble getting to his corner during the break.

Takada landed on his back on the ground after being hit with a left hook. It didn’t look like a knockdown. They moved after Takada was tied in the ropes. They resumed, with Vovchanchyn going into side control. He stepped into full mount. Takada got Vovchanchyn out of the position for a moment, however he settled back into full mount quickly. Vovchanchyn was throwing a slow pattern of punches, with Takada tapping out eventually. In what was an apparent mismatch, Igor Vovchanchyn was able to stop Nobuhiko Takada.

Bout 7: Naoya Ogawa (3-0) vs. Masaaki Satake (2-3) (10+10)

In his last fight, Masaaki Satake got back in the win column, beating Kazunari Murakami. Now, he was put up against undefeated fighter Naoya Ogawa, who won in his previous Pride fight. The staredown between these two was scary. The crowd was very loud for this fight. Satake was landing hooks at the start. Satake was out-striking Ogawa early. Every exchange finished with Satake scoring something that made Ogawa shell up. The striking slowed down from both fighters eventually. Ogawa finally shot for a takedown five minutes into the fight, however Satake was able to keep it on the feet. They clinched up a minute later, although nothing came from it. They continued striking until the round ended.

Ogawa was moving forward to start the second round. The crowd was chanting his name. He got a single leg takedown, landing in half guard. He moved into side control, then went into full mount. Satake flipped over, with Ogawa trying for a rear naked choke. Satake was quick to tap out, giving Ogawa the win. Surviving stand-up for a while, Naoya Ogawa dominated the moment the fight hit the ground.

Bout 8: Kazushi Sakuraba (10-1) vs. Shannon Ritch (13-16) (10+10)

In the main event, Kazushi Sakuraba took a break from his rivalry with the Gracie family to fight Shannon Ritch. Ritch caught a leg kick early on, dumping Sakuraba to the ground for a quick moment. Ritch charged forward with punches, where Sakuraba dipped down and got a takedown. He quickly put in a leg submission that made Ritch tap out. Continuing his amazing run in Pride FC, Kazushi Sakuraba got a fast victory. If you want to watch a show and are pressed for time, Pride 11 is entertaining and clocks in at only 91 minutes start to finish.

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