UFC Jacksonville: Darren Elkins vs. Nate Landwehr Play-by-Play

UFC veteran Darren Elkins looked to snap a three-fight losing streak for the first time in his career on Saturday when he faced Nate Landwehr. Here’s how the matchup went down.

Live coverage of the entire card can be seen here.

Bout 3: Darren Elkins (24-8) vs. Nate Landwehr (13-3) (Featherweight)

They were both throwing jabs at the start of the first round, with Elkins on the outside of the octagon. Elkins was connected frequently with his lead left hand. Elkins shot for a single leg takedown in the second minute, getting it eventually. Landwehr was able to flip into top position, but Elkins tried for a choke. Landwehr was being held by a choke as they stood up, separating moments after. A small cut on the side of Elkins’ nose opened, however it was not bleeding much. Landwehr was taunting a little, hitting himself in the head at one point. Elkins tried for a takedown with a minute left, although Landwehr resisted it. Another takedown was stopped, with Landwehr landing a couple of punches in the clinch. In the final seconds of the round, Elkins slipped after connecting with a head kick. While he got up, Landwehr connected with an uppercut to the head.

Elkins failed with another takedown to start the second round, with Landwehr being able to connect with close range punches after. They nearly took turns tagging eachother with punches after. While both of them were scoring almost evenly, damage showed much greater on Elkins face.They went into a clinch with two minutes to go where Landwehr landed knees. Landwehr was getting fired up, screaming in-between combinations. A pause came in the final minute so that the cuts on Elkins’ face could be checked out. The fight resumed, where Landwehr threw jabs with his other arm behind his back.

Elkins shot for a takedown to start the final round. Landwehr was able to resist the takedown, going back to the feet after being against the cage for a moment. The fast paced striking seen in the round before continued. Landwehr was able to stop many more takedown attempts. Elkins was bleeding a lot, so much that it made Landwehr quite bloody as well. Landwehr scored with scored with a few strikes in the final seconds of the fight. Going to scorecards, it was Nate Landwehr who picked up a unanimous decision win (29-28, 30-27 & 30-27).

RESULT: Nate Landwehr def. Darren Elkins via Decision, Unanimous

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Elkins 10 9 9 28
Landwehr 9 10 10 29


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