UFC Jacksonville: Matt Brown vs. Miguel Baeza Play-by-Play

Finishing off the preliminary card, undefeated Miguel Baeza fought Matt Brown. Here’s how the battle went.

Live coverage of the entire card can be seen here.

Bout 6: Matt Brown (22-16) vs. Miguel Baeza (8-0) (Welterweight)

Brown was coming forward with jabs early, but Baeza was able to stick a right hand on the chin while Brown rushed in once. Baeza was scoring with some leg kicks. Brown put Baeza against the cage and hit him with lots of punches. Brown landed some elbows from a close distance. With just over two minutes to go, a pause came so that Baeza’s mouthguard could be put back in. After Baeza got hit by a few punches, he responded with his own strikes that dropped Brown. Baeza stayed on the ground for a while before working his way back up. They continued to trade strikes until the round ended.

To start the second round, Baeza came forward with strikes. A left hook dropped Brown and ended the fight.

Result: Miguel Baeza def. Matt Brown via KO, Left Hook (RD 2, 0:18)

My Scorecard:


Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Brown 9
Baeza 10


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