Flashback Friday: Pride 13: Collision Course Play-by-Play

Kicking off their 2001 schedule, Pride FC returned to Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan for the second time, this time presenting Pride 13: Collision Course. The event included lots of the big names in the promotion at the time. Of all of them, the most important one was still clearly Kazushi Sakuraba, who was put against the explosive and dangerous Wanderlei Silva. Let’s look at how Pride 13 went down.

Quick Results – Click a fight to skip to its part:

Bout 1: Vitor Belfort def. Bobby Southworth via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 1, 4:09)

Bout 2: Guy Mezger def. Egan Inoue via KO, Punch (RD 1, 2:25)

Bout 3: Heath Herring def. Denis Sobolev via Submission, Keylock (RD 1, 0:22)

Bout 4: Dan Henderson def. Renzo Gracie via KO, Punch (RD 1, 1:40)

Bout 5: Mark Coleman def. Allan Goes via KO, Knees (RD 1, 1:19)

Bout 6: Tadao Yasuda def. Masaaki Satake via Decision, Split

Bout 7: Tra Telligman def. Igor Vovchanchyn via Decision, Split

Bout 8: Wanderlei Silva def. Kazushi Sakuraba via TKO, Knees (RD 1, 1:38)

Full Coverage:

Bout 1: Bobby Southworth (3-1) vs. Vitor Belfort (8-2)

Starting off the card, Vitor Belfort returned to face Bobby Southworth, who was making his first appearance in Pride. Belfort went 2-1 in previous Pride appearances before this fight. Southworth clinched up early on, with Belfort getting a takedown from the position. Southworth was able to get up for a moment, although Belfort was quick to throw him back down from a clinch. Belfort was able to take Southworth’s back when he tried to get up. Belfort slipped in a rear naked choke that made Southworth tap out quickly.

Bout 2: Guy Mezger (27-11-2) vs. Egan Inoue (7-5)

In the next bout, Egan Inoue stepped in to replace his brother Enson Inoue, facing Guy Mezger. Both fighters wore shoes for this fight. They both threw leg kicks to start. Inoue charged in and started a clinch. They both landed some strikes in the clinch. When back on stand-up, Inoue was getting shook by punches. While backing up, a right-cross dropped Inoue and knocked him out. Getting another win, Guy Mezger wins with an explosive knockout.

Bout 3: Heath Herring (16-5) vs. Denis Sobolev (1-1)

In the next fight, returning Heath Herring looked for another win, this time fighting Denis Sobolev, who made his Pride FC debut. Herring had purple dye in his hair. Herring was aggressive, getting a takedown rgiht off the bat. He went into side control, putting in a keylock that made Sobolev tap out instantly. Now with four wins in Pride, Herring was starting to become a big name in the promotion.

Bout 4: Renzo Gracie (9-2-1) vs. Dan Henderson (9-1)

In an attempt to bounce back from his previous loss to Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson returned to Pride to fight Renzo Gracie. Gracie shot for a takedown early, although Henderson was able to sprawn and avoid the attempt. Gracie shot again, and this time when Henderson sprawled he landed two knees to the head before they stood up again. It happened again, with Henderson landing even more strikes after stopping a takedown. Shooting for a fourth takedown, Gracie was hit with an uppercut that knocked him out. Henderson landed two more shots on the ground before the referee stepped in and ended the fight.

Bout 5: Mark Coleman (11-4) vs. Allan Goes (5-1-2)

Returning after winning the Pride 2000 Grand Prix in the year before, Mark Coleman fought Allan Goes. Coleman wore shoes for this fight. Goes started the fight by flying high with kicks that didn’t connect. When Coleman came forward, Goes shot for a takedown. Coleman stopped the attempt, landing punches in a sprawl position. Coleman started throwing knees to the head. One knocked Goes out, with a few more being landed before the referee noticed that he was out. When Goes woke up, he attacked Coleman, seemingly unaware that the fight ended. After the confusion was sorted out, there was no issues between the fighters.

Bout 6: Masaaki Satake (2-4) vs. Tadao Yasuda (0-0)

Fighting in Pride again, Masaaki Satake was put up agaist pro wrestler Tadao Yasuda in the next match. Both fighters wore shoes for this fight. Yasuda was hit with a right hook to start, but he was quick to put a body lock on Satake in a corner. Satake was given a yellow card after being caught holding the ropes. They resumed in stand-up. Yasuda was able to put Satake in the corner again immediately. The referee separated them due to inactivity. Yasuda came forward again, putting Satake in the corner, not before he was clipped with a punch. They were pulled apart again due to lack of work. It continued over and over that Yasuda was able to bring the fight into the corner. They stayed in the corner until the round ended.

The second round, something that no fight reached on this card until now, started with Yasuda shoving Satake in the corner again. Once they got separated, Satake was able to actually land some punch and avoid being put in the corner for a moment. He scored punches while backpedalling, but at some point he backpedalled himself into a corner and was stuck there. While in a clinch in the corner, Yasuda was able to get a takedown. He had top position on the ground until the round ended.

The third round saw the fight go back to where it was most of the time before, the corner of the ring. After being in the corner for numerous minutes, Satake was able to escape, however like in the second round he backpedalled into another corner. The fight went the distance, with Tadao Yasuda getting a split decision win.

Bout 7: Igor Vovchanchyn (46-3-1) vs. Tra Telligman (6-3-1)

The co-main event saw one of the top fighters in Pride at the time, Igor Vovchanchyn face the returning Tra Telligman. Telligman fought in Pride once before, losing via decision to Carlos Barreto at Pride 9. Flowers were given to both fighters by UFC Middleweight Champion Tito Ortiz. Telligman wore shoes for this fight.

A good back and forth battle kicked off this fight. The fighters took turns having flurries of punches. Vovchanchyn landed a clean left hook, however the momentum from the punch was stopped by an accidental groin kick that followed it. They resumed after a few minutes of break. Coming forward and avoiding strikes from Vovchanchyn, Telligman scored with his own punches that hurt him. Exiting clinch, Telligman scored with a knee. He scored another knee moments later. A left hook dropped Vovchanchyn after somewhat of a delayed reaction. Telligman took top position on the ground. Telligman eventually got back to the feet, with Vovchanchyn following moments later. Vovchanchyn slipped and fell, bringing the fight back to the ground.

Stand-up was slow for the first minute or two of the second round. He connected with a strong left hook that made Vovchanchyn counter with a takedown attempt. From the clinch, Telligman eventually got a takedown. The fight stayed in that position until the round ended.

Vovchanchyn landed some hard punches to open the final round. They clinch up eventually, stopping the momentum that Vovchanchyn had. They separated, with Telligman getting a takedown moments later. Vovchanchyn worked his way up to his feet just as the round ended. Going to the scorecards, Tra Telligman got the win.

Bout 8: Kazushi Sakuraba (12-1-1) vs. Wanderlei Silva (16-3)

In the main event, the star of Pride FC, Kazushi Sakuraba fought the dangerous Wanderlei Silva. Just like in the fight before, Ortiz handed out flowers, even kissing Sakuraba on the cheek. Silva was rushing Sakuraba with punches. Moving back, Sakuraba dropped Silva with a right hand. Silva got up and clinched with Sakuraba. Silva landed a three punch combination that got Sakuraba to his knees. Silva scored with some knees to the head as Sakuraba got up. Hit with a knee to the head on the feet, Sakuraba dropped back down. Silva landed numerous soccer kicks and knees to the head before the referee called the fight. Sakuraba, who had only lost a fight before due to exhaustion, was finished in under two minutes due to the brutal style of Silva.

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