UFC 250: Charles Byrd vs. Maki Pitolo Play-by-Play

Middleweights Charles Byrd and Maki Pitolo fought on the prelims of UFC 250. The action went like this.

Bout 4: Charles Byrd (10-6) vs. Maki Pitolo (12-5) (Middleweight)

Byrd shot for a takedown early after Pitolo seemingly landed a few punches, They stayed in a clinch on the feet, with Byrd putting Pitolo against the cage. They went down with Pitolo in top position. In half guard, Pitolo landed some short punches. Byrd was able to reverse the position, taking full guard on top. Getting to his feet, Byrd tried for a guillotine on Pitolo before going back down again. They got up, with Pitolo getting a takedown from a clinch. Pitolo landed in side control, but moved into half guard quickly. They got up again with a minute to go, with Byrd getting a slam takedown. Byrd had side control on the ground. Byrd, on his feet, landed some punches to a grounded Pitolo before the round ended.

Pitolo was coming forward with hard punches in the second round. Byrd connected with a clean overhand right. Putting Byrd against the cage, Pitolo landed many punches to the body. Sweeping the legs of Byrd, Pitolo landed hammerfist punches until the referee stepped in.

RESULT: Maki Pitolo def. Charles Byrd via TKO, Strikes (RD 2, 1:10)

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Byrd 10
Pitolo 9

Live coverage of the entire UFC 250 show can be viewed here.

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