UFC 250: Amanda Nunes vs. Felicia Spencer Play-by-Play

Attempting to make her first UFC Featherweight Championship defence, Amanda Nunes fought Felicia Spencer in the main event of UFC 250. Here’s how the championship fight went.

Bout 12: Amanda Nunes (19-4) vs. Felicia Spencer (8-1) (UFC Featherweight Championship)

Spencer came forward with punches in the first minute, clinching with Nunes for a moment. Nunes scored a right hand late in the first minute of action. An even louder and harder right hand landed from Nunes in the second minute, but Spencer didn’t look hurt by it. Spencer clinched up, with Nunes get a judo throw for a takedown from the position. Nunes went into side control with underhooks on Spencer. Nunes tried to get on the back of Spencer, but Spencer was able to resist it. Nunes went into half guard after failing to take the back of Spencer. Nunes landed elbows from the position, with one of the shots making Spencer bleed. Nunes went into full guard with less than a minute to go in the round. She stayed in the position until the round ended.

Early in the second round, Nunes would dip in for very powerful punches. Nunes got a takedown halfway through the round, going right into a north-south position. They got up with two minutes to go in the round. On the feet, Nunes continued to connect more with strikes.

In the third round, Spencer’s mouthpiece fell out after she was rocked by some punches. Nunes threw Spencer to the ground halfway into the third round, letting her get up after. Spencer shot for a takedown with four minutes to go, which Nunes stopped easily. Nunes started to really pick Spencer apart near the end of the round as Spencer’s legs started to be hurt from leg kick as well.

Nunes continued to dominate as the fight went into the championship rounds. Nunes landed good punches early on. She got a single leg takedown, not even going down with Spencer after. The pace that Nunes was working seemingly didn’t slow down as the fight reached the 20th minute. Spencer seemingly got hurt near the end of the round, getting clipped with tons of punches. Spencer shot for a takedown with 20 seconds left. Nunes got on the back of Spencer, trying for a rear naked choke. Spencer endured the choke until the horn went.

Spencer was quite damaged heading into the final round, with cuts above both eyes and a growing hematoma on the forehead. A takedown was stopped by Nunes early in the fifth round. They went to the ground in the second minute with Nunes in half guard. She went into full guard, holding the position for a while. Spencer was quite bloodied, causing a pause with a minute left in the fight. Nunes got two more takedowns in the final moments of the fight. Nunes won the match by a landslide when going to the scorecards (50-44, 50-44 & 50-45).

RESULT: Amanda Nunes def. Felicia Spencer via Decision, Unanimous

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Total
Nunes 10 10 10 10 10 50
Spencer 9 9 9 8 9 44

Live coverage of the entire UFC 250 show can be viewed here.

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