Laying Down Leather #12: UFC 250 Fallout and Looking To Next Week

Laying Down Leather is a Monday morning blog series where I share my tidbit thoughts on MMA, share the past week’s work, and look at what’s ahead.

Good morning and welcome to another week. At this point, UFC has resumed to the pace of MMA events that they basically had prior to COVID-19, which means there is lots to discuss. Let’s get started.

Nunes Beats Spencer

In the main event of UFC 250, Amanda Nunes dominated Canadian challenger Felicia Spencer. The result, and even the circumstances around it, seemed predictable. We knew Nunes was the better fighter, but we also knew Spencer had the toughness to take the fight into deep waters.

A concern I have, which many people share, is what is possibly next for Nunes now. To no fault of Nunes, she competes in two divisions that are thin in talent. This matchup was really a testament to that, as Spencer, who is a good fighter, was clearly not on the same level that Nunes is at. It will be interesting to see who Nunes’ next target will be.


The main event aside, the bantamweight division was the real talk of the town. Explosive performances from Aljamain Sterling, Cody Garbrandt and Sean O’Malley were some of the clear highlights of the night.

It was nice to see Garbrandt return in great form, ending a three-fight losing streak that included some real head-scratching finishes. Unfortunately, it came at the expense of Assuncao, who now has a three-fight skid of his own. That’s how fighting goes, though.

Sterling’s quick win over Cory Sandhagen was impressive and showed that he’s a good guy to have next up for a title shot.

And O’Malley continued to show the hype around his name is well deserved, stopping Eddie Wineland with a walk-off KO.

The idea of crowd-less shows has no longer felt weird to me, as this became maybe the 10th time I’ve seen it now. I had the jump on others with curbing the odd feeling of it from watching ONE Championship shows earlier in the year.

Here’s some of the coverage of UFC 250 I did this weekend:

Live Coverage of the entire evening.

An article for my colleagues at OverTheLine, discussing UFC 250 and how the week before it was all about fighter pay. I really enjoyed making it.

Fight Night At The APEX

Many people have been turned away from next weekend’s UFC event due to the fact that it does not have large names attached to it. Personally, I think the show has some pretty interesting matchups on it that I look forward to seeing. We’ll look into it more later in the week.

What’s Coming Up on Knockdown News

I’m going through the motions this week at Knockdown News. Nothing too crazy. I’ll be covering the news throughout the week. I’ll do my usual coverage of a UFC “Fight Night.”

The Flashback Friday episode on this week will be documenting Pride FC’s “Raging Rumble” event. I really enjoy making that series, and I hope you look forward to checking it out.

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