UFC Fight Night: Charles Rosa vs. Kevin Aguilar Play-by-Play

Charles Rosa and Kevin Aguilar clashed in a lightweight fight to continue the main card of UFC’s event on Saturday night. Here’s how the fight went.

Bout 8: Charles Rosa (12-4) vs. Kevin Aguilar (17-3) (Lightweight)

Aguilar knocked Rosa down with a jab early, although it did not seem like a knockdown solely because of the punch. The striking from the fighters was close throughout the first round. Rosa tried for a takedown in the final minute, grabbing a leg of Aguilar. Using strikes to fend off Rosa, Aguilar was able to stop the takedown.

The close stand-up battle continued in the second round. Rosa landed a clean left-cross with a minute to go in the round. Aguilar seemingly got wobbled near the end of the second round. A cut on Rosa’s head started to bleed near the end of the round.

The cut on Rosa’s head, which was caused by a head collision, continued to bleed in the final round. They clinched up in the second minute, with Rosa rolling to escape the position. Early in the round, Aguilar landed good jabs and left-crosses. Aguilar had a takedown attempt blocked with a minute to go. A single leg takedown from Rosa was stopped after. Playing a counter-striking role, Rosa was able to put visible damage on Aguilar’s face. Going to the scorecards, Rosa got the split decision win (29-28 Aguilar, 29-28 Rosa & 29-28 Rosa).

RESULT: Charles Rosa def. Kevin Aguilar via Decision, Split

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Rosa 9 10 10 29
Aguilar 10 9 9 28

Live coverage of the entire evening can be viewed here.

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