UFC Fight Night: Andre Fili vs. Charles Jourdain Play-by-Play

Charles “Air” Jourdain fought Andre Fili on the main card of UFC’s Fight Night on Saturday night. Here’s how the action went.

Bout 7: Andre Fili (20-7) vs. Charles Jourdain (10-2) (Featherweight)

The fighters were trading hard punches and kicks early, both connecting clean. Fili taunted Jourdain after dodging a kick in the second minute. Fili was connecting often with kicks to the body. Jourdain landed a left hook that dropped Fili with over a minute to go. Fili got back up, with striking continuing after. Fili got a takedown in the closing seconds of the round. The fighters talked trash to each other while walking to their corners.

Fili was landing his jab early in the second round. The fighters returned to their near tit-for-tat style of exchanging strikes later in the round. Jourdain’s leg kicks was connecting frequently. Fili got a double leg takedown with 30 seconds left in the round. They only stayed down for a few seconds, going back to striking as the round wrapped up.

Fili got another takedown in the second minute of the third round. They got back up with half of the round to go. While Fili was landing more strikes, Jourdain was just as in the fight. After a few minutes of striking, Fili landed one last takedown. He was on the back of Jourdain as the fight ended. The judges gave the fight to Fili via decision (29-28 Jourdain, 29-28 Fili & 29-28 Fili).

RESULT: Andre Fili def. Charles Jourdain via Decision, Split

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Fili 9 10 10 29
Jourdain 10 9 9 28

Live coverage of the entire evening can be viewed here.

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