UFC 251: Makwan Amirkhani vs. Danny Henry Play-by-Play

Both attempting to bounce back from a loss, Makwan Amirkhani and Danny Henry fought on the UFC 251 prelims. The featherweight fight went like this.

Bout 6: Makwan Amirkhani (15-4) vs. Danny Henry (12-3) (Featherweight)

The first couple of minutes in the fight were slow paced, with Henry throwing some kicks. After Amirkhani threw a flying knee he shot for a takedown. He got a takedown, trying for an anaconda choke. He kept with the choke until Henry went limp, ending the fight. Amirkhani was quick to elevate the legs of Henry after realising he went out cold.

RESULT: Makwan Amirkhani def. Danny Henry via Submission, Anaconda Choke (RD 1, 3:15)

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total

Live coverage of UFC 251 can be found here.

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