The UFC Welcomes Another Family Into Their Promotion

Despite MMA not being a team sport, the relationships that fighters form in their careers are crucial. Working with other fighters, coaches and gyms are a fundamental part of the process in crafting someone’s talent in the sport.

But sometimes it’s not an alliance formed through the sport, but an alliance brought into a sport that people have. The UFC is no stranger to siblings in their promotion, with people like the Diaz brothers or the Shevchenko sisters being known names.

On Tuesday, the promotion welcomed another pair of siblings, as UFC President Dana White signed Orion and Louis Cosce. The fighters impressed through TV series “Dana White’s Contender Series,” defeating their respective opponents to earn contracts in the UFC.

The Contender Series is a show that weighs heavily on storylines and shocking performances, with the Cosce brothers having both.

In the video packages shown on the episode, it was emphasized that the brothers had a rough upbringing, even being homeless at a point in their high school years.

“My brother and I, we grew up with nothing,” said Orion Cosce in an interview on the broadcast.

Their upbringing didn’t solely earn them contracts, with their finishing performances on the show being their securing factors.

In the main event, Louis Cosce made quick work of returning Contender Series fighter Victor Reyna, finishing him in the second minute with strikes.

Earlier in the show, Orion Cosce stopped Matt Dixon in the third round. His performance late was crucial, as UFC President White explained afterwards that he was very annoyed by Cosce stopping his fight a few seconds before the second round officially concluded.

“He is very, very lucky that he came and did what he did in the third round,” said White when handing out contracts.

“He’s right, there’s three seconds left in the round, it won’t happen again,” said Orion Cosce after earning his contract.

The brothers have a very similar stature and even both fight at welterweight, although Louis Cosce stressed that he plans to go down to lightweight.

“I ain’t trying to get in the way of my brother,” said Louis Cosce.

Two other fighters were able to get contracts on Tuesday, with Cheyanne Buys and Josh Parisian also joining the UFC roster. The episode saw four signings in total, making it the third consecutive week that saw four or more signings on an episode. In the previous three seasons of the show, the average number of fighters signed per episode was 2.7.

With five of the nine signees from the first two episodes of this year’s season already having UFC bouts booked, it might not be too long until a Cosce brother returns to TV. A quick return from both could make them like the Burns brothers, Gilbert and Herbert Burns, who have fought a combined five times in 2020 (would have been six if Gilbert Burns was not pulled from the UFC 251 card on short notice).

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