UFC on ESPN+ 35: Ed Herman vs. Mike Rodriguez Play-by-Play

Light heavyweights Ed Herman and Mike Rodriguez competed on Saturday’s UFC card. Their three-round matchup went like this.

Bout 9: Ed Herman (24-14) vs. Mike Rodriguez (11-4) (Light Heavyweight)

A large portion of the first round took place in a body lock. Rodriguez scored an elbow in the clinch in the third minute of the fight. They separated with under two minutes to go in the fight. An elbow when exiting the clinch from Rodriguez in the fourth minute hurt Herman, causing him to retreat to the cage. Herman recovered while in a body lock with Rodriguez. 

Like the first round, a large part of the second round saw the fighters in a clinch. Herman got a takedown in the third minute, although Rodriguez was quick to get back up to a clinch. A knee hit Herman in the groin in the final minute of the fight causing a break. The replay showed that did not hit the groin. The fight resumed with a minute left in the fight. Rodriguez landed a body kick shortly after the resumption. Herman was dropped late in the round, although he was able to endure until the clock ran out.

Herman got a takedown in the first minute of the round. They got back up in the second minute of the round with Herman bent over and holding a leg of Rodriguez. Rodriguez threw a series of elbows to Herman from the position. Herman got dropped due to strikes from the position. Rodriguez continued strikes from half guard. Herman tried for a kimura in the third minute of the fight that caused Rodriguez to tap out.

RESULT: Ed Herman def. Mike Rodriguez via Submission, Kimura (RD 3, 4:01)

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Herman 9 8
Rodriguez 10 10

Live coverage of the entire show can be viewed here.

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