UFC 255: Louis Cosce vs. Sasha Palatnikov Play-by-Play

Louis Cosce and Sasha Palatnikov both made their UFC debuts to kick off the preliminary card. Here’s how their fight went.]

Bout 1: Louis Cosce (7-0) vs. Sasha Palatnikov (5-2) (Welterweight)

Palatnikov landed a takedown in the first minute from a clinch. They returned to their feet moments after. Cosca caught a leg kick, being able to land some strikes while holding the leg. Palatnikov tried to roll to the ground while his leg was held. Cosce got on the back of Palatnikov on the ground, landing a series of punches that hurt him. Cosce charged forward with punches on the feet, landing a right hand which dropped him. Cosce landed strikes to the head of Palatnikov as they worked their way back to the feet. Despite consuming dozens of strikes, Palatnikov worked back up to his feet and the fight continued. Palatnikov started to land his own punches on the backfoot that hurt Cosce. A short break in the fight came halfway through when the fighters clinched. Cosce was seemingly tired late in the fight. Palatnikov stopped a takedown in the fourth minute, landing a knee to the body and some punches to the head before they returned to the feet. Cosce seemingly stunned Palatnikov with punches again in the final minute of action. Palatnikov clinched with Cosce in the final minute of the round, putting together some punches before leaving the position. Palatnikov ended the round strong, landing a spinning backfist. Cosce shot for a takedown before the round concluded.

Cosce shot for a single leg takedown to start the second round. Palatnikov stuffed the takedown, landing a series of punches afterwards. A pause came halfway through the round as Palatnikov was accidentally struck in the groin. The fast-paced striking continued right after the fight resumed. Palatnikov clinched with Cosce against the cage in the fourth minute, although they were separated after the referee saw Palatnikov grabbing the cage.

Palatnikov stopped a takedown attempt to open the third round. The referee caused a break in the fight as Palatnikov grabbed the cage during a clinch. He warned that he would take a point away next time he does it. Palatnikov stopped two takedowns after they resumed. Palatnikov landed a hard spinning back kick to the body after separating from a clinch. Palatnikov went into a clinch after blocking a takedown attempt. Cosce landed a knee to the groin in the clinch, causing the fight to be paused again. The fight resumed after a few minutes of a break. Cosce got hurt by a right cross in the third minute. Palatnikov stopped a takedown attempt in the third minute, landing a series of punches to a grounded Cosce afterwards to make the referee stop the fight. 

RESULT: Sasha Palatnikov def. Louis Cosce via TKO, Strikes (RD 3, 2:27)

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Cosce 10 9
Palatnikov 9 10

Live coverage of UFC 255 can be viewed here.

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