UFC 256: Billy Quarantillo vs. Gavin Tucker Play-by-Play

Rising featherweights Billy Quarantillo and Gavin Tucker fought on Saturday’s UFC 256 prelims. Here’s how the fight panned out.

Bout 3: Billy Quarantillo (15-2) vs. Gavin Tucker (12-1) (Featherweight)

Quarantillo backed Tucker up with a right straight in the opening minute. Tucker scored a trip takedown from a clinch in the second minute, although Quarantillo was quick to get back up to his feet. Tucker landed a knee to the body of Quarantillo in the third minute, landed an elbow to the head shortly after when leaving a clinch. The fight turned into a scrappy, back-and-forth fight late in the round. Tucker landed a head kick in the final minute of action. Quarantillo looked for a takedown, although the attempt was stopped. Tucker landed a takedown from the clinch before the round ran out of time.

Tucker landed a few punches before clinching for a moment with Quarantillo in the opening minute of the second round. Tucker continued to connect with knees to the body when in clinches. Tucker scored a trip takedown in the fourth minute of the round. Tucker took the back of Quarantillo with a minute to go. Quarantillo escaped the position and returned to the feet.

Tucker scored a takedown early in the third round from a clinch, although Quarantillo got up quickly. Tucker took Quarantillo down again a minute later. Another takedown came in the third minute. Tucker was able to get on the back while Quarantillo worked back up to his feet. Tucker slammed Quarantillo down after he stood up. Tucker took side control on the ground. Quarantillo stood up again, although Tucker fought for another takedown before the round ran out of time. Tucker was given the win after three rounds of action (30-27, 30-27 & 30-27).

RESULT: Gavin Tucker def. Billy Quarantillo via Decision, Unanimous

My Scorecard:

Fighter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Quarantillo 9 9 9 27
Tucker 10 10 10 30

Live coverage of UFC 256 can be viewed here.

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