After some adjustments, Nick Browne feels ready for an LFA championship

Immediately after his last win, Nick Browne wasn’t ecstatic about his performance. Critical of his decision victory against Ben Egli at LFA 87 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA, Browne claimed he got tired in the third round, allowing Egli to capitalize on some errors.

“That third-round definitely showed my wear,” said Browne in his post-fight interview, reflecting on a round that saw him in trouble at points with submissions. Despite it not being the perfect fight for Browne, it lined him up for an LFA lightweight title shot which will be seen out on January 15th when he fights Arthur Estrázulas.

If cardio became a concern after a three-round fight, you would hope it would receive more attention ahead of a championship bout that could go even five rounds. Luckily for Browne, his pursuit of LFA gold has not clouded his judgement. He is still critical of his last fight, noting that “he caught me sleeping a few times,” but because of that has since put together a camp to improve his conditioning.

“Fatigue won’t be a worry. It will be about if he can survive the five rounds,” said Browne in an interview with Knockdown News.

Browne credited the strides he has made in conditioning to Isaac Greeley, who works at The Mat Factory in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, USA.

“He’s put it upon himself to make sure I’ve had the best dieting, nutritionist, best sparring [and] best rounds, pushed to the bitter end,” said Browne. He considered keeping both diet and conditioning consistent as a “main focus” of his leading up to the fight.

The title fight for Browne comes after a false start in November. A previous booking against Estrazulas was removed from an LFA card a few months back after one of Browne’s cornermen tested positive for COVID-19. Despite ending a training camp that didn’t culminate with a fight and having to start another one, Browne didn’t consider the road bump as much of a disruption for him.

“We were definitely peaking at that right time [in November] … It wasn’t bad jumping right back into camp. We were ready to bang it out,” said Browne.

The unpredictability of COVID-19 stopped Browne’s first attempt at an LFA title. Realistically with less than a week left until his fight along with the United States continuing to hit six-figure daily cases of the virus, it’s not out of the picture that the virus could intervene again. But, that is a bridge that will be crossed if testing done by LFA comes to it.

The past few months for Browne have been busy, to say the least. While still holding his job as a construction worker, Browne has continued to maintain his own gym, All-American MMA, which is located in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, USA.

Explaining the average day while seated in the cage at his gym, Browne laid it out like this: “[I] train here, go to work, come back [to the gym], go to sleep. So it’s kind of my second home right now.” 

Browne is fully aware of the context of his title fight. LFA often boasts how it is practically a pipeline to the UFC, among other major promotions, with a title victory often being the last fight before that next step. For Browne, moving into a large promotion like the UFC would allow him to put all focus on fighting and maintaining his gym – something he has always wanted to do.

“Fighting for my money and then running a gym full-time has definitely been the dream from the get-go,” said Browne.

If the changes he made to his cardio prove successful, the biggest glaring issue from his last performance has been fixed. What a win for Browne could award might be more than just a title. It could be a bigger future for him where he could put an undivided focus on MMA.

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