Duda Santana Given One-Year USADA Suspension, Although It Has Already Expired

Former UFC fighter Eduarda Neves Santanna, also known as Duda Santana, has been given a one-year suspension by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. While the suspension lasts one year, it pertains to a test collected on January 10th in 2020, meaning it has already concluded.

Per a statement from USADA on Friday, Santana tested positive for “LGD-4033,” which is part of their prohibited list.

Santana’s manager spoke publicly about her flagged test in September of 2020, mentioning that the UFC released her following the test. While they claimed she would get a two-year suspension, USADA gave her only one year under their new policy that came into effect on January 14th.

Santana made her UFC debut in June of 2019, where she lost via rear naked choke to Bea Malecki. She was booked to fight Sarah Alpar in May of 2020 before she withdrew.

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