MMA Veteran Travis Fulton Facing Domestic Violence and Child Pornography Charges

Travis Fulton, an MMA fighter best known for his over 300-bout pro record, is currently facing domestic violence and child pornography charges in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

News of Fulton’s case was reported last week by Jeff Reinitz of the Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier.

Fulton appeared in the US District Court of Cedar Rapids on Friday to plead not guilty to sexual exploitation of a child, possession of child pornography and receipt of child pornography.

Trial for Fulton’s charges related to child pornography is scheduled to begin in April.

Fulton was already previously facing willful injury and domestic assault charges relating to a 2019 incident.

Fulton was a frequent MMA fighter and boxing for over two decades. His last MMA bout was in April of 2019, where he defeated Shannon Ritch on a Road to M-1 USA card.

His last combat sports activity was in November of 2019, where he fought Richard Carmack in a bare-knuckle boxing bout.

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