CFFC 94: Hafez vs. Cutts Live Coverage

CFFC will kick off another doubleheader of events on Thursday with CFFC 94 from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The main event of the card will see Bassil Hafez attempt to retain his CFFC Welterweight Championship for the first time when fighting promotional newcomer Evan Cutts.

Follow along throughout the evening for live coverage.

A full preview of the card can be viewed here.

Quick Results:

Preliminary Card (Facebook)

Bout 1: Natalie Schlesinger def. Mariah Castro via Decision, Unanimous (Amateur Bout)

Bout 2: Manny Morales def. Johnny Santos via Decision, Split (Amateur Bout)

Bout 3: James Lyons def. Cody Zappone via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 1:39)

Bout 4: Joey Tizzano def. Malek Mahmoud via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 3, 2:29)

Main Card (8:00PM EDT / 7:00PM CDT) (UFC Fight Pass)

Bout 5: Jonathan Piersma def. Thomas Majeski via Submission, Omoplata (RD 2, 0:49)

Bout 6: Timothy Cuamba def. Frank Wells via Decision, Unanimous

Bout 7: Earl Small def. Adam Wamsley via Submission, Rear Naked Choke (RD 2, 1:05)

Bout 8: Solomon Renfro def. Nick Alley via TKO, Strikes (RD 1, 4:30)

Bout 9: Devin Goodale (3-0) vs. Khetag Pliev via TKO, Injury (RD 2, 5:00)

Bout 10: Evan Cutts def. Bassil Hafez via Decision, Split (CFFC Welterweight Championship)

Live Coverage:

Bout 10: Bassil Hafez (6-2-1) vs. Evan Cutts (11-4) (CFFC Welterweight Championship)

Cutts Prevails In Overtime Round To Take CFFC Welterweight Belt From Hafez

Evan Cutts became the new CFFC Welterweight Champion on Thursday, defeating Bassil Hafez via split decision after going into the overtime round for the first time in CFFC history (49-46 Cutts, 48-47 Hafez & 48-47 Cutts).

Hafez had a strong start to the fight, although Cutts was able to outlast him and perform better in the overtime round of the fight.

Hafez had Cutts in trouble for the first two rounds, keeping him moving with frequent submission attempts on the ground.

Cutts had his best moment late in the third round, putting Hafez in trouble with a rear naked choke.

Hafez regained control in the fourth round, taking Cutts down and keeping him on his back for the majority of the frame. Cutts was able to take back control for moments in the latter half of the round, taking the back of Hafez at one point.

Both exhausted, the welterweights fought on the ground for the overtime round. The less fatigued Cutts kept on the back of Hafez for most of the round.

Hafez was looking to defend his belt for the first time. He won the belt back in November, where he submitted Christien Savoie with a triangle choke in the first round.

Cutts was making his CFFC debut with the experience advantage over Hafez, with 11 wins through 15 fights.

Bout 9: Devin Goodale (3-0) vs. Khetag Pliev (5-1) (Catchweight 180 lbs)

Goodale Earns Victory After Pliev Loses Finger, Gets Removed From Fight

The co-main event came to an abrupt end on Thursday after Khetag Pliev lost his left ring finger during their fight. The fight was called in-between the second and third round once the injury was noticed.

The broadcast wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly why Pliev’s finger detatched, and Pliev himself didn’t ever show any signs of injury during the fight.

The rare injury called an end to the catchweight bout at 180 pounds.

The fight was Goodale’s fourth win as a pro. The fight was his CFFC debut after three wins from 2018 to 2019.

Bout 8: Solomon Renfro (6-1) vs. Nick Alley (7-3) (Welterweight)

Renfro Lands Heavy Shots, Avoids Submissions To Stop Alley Within A Round

Solomon Renfro used heavy shots to drop Nick Alley and finish him on the ground with strikes in the first round. The fight brought Renfro back into the win column after taking his first pro loss last year.

Renfro scored a knockdown in the fourth minute of action, capping off a combination of shots with a right hook that brought the fight to the ground. Alley was able to stop Renfro’s strikes for a moment on the ground with a heel hook and armbar attempt, although a steady tempo of shots from Renfro eventually made the referee stop the fight.

Renfro’s previous loss was in December, where Mike Mallot caught him early with a rear naked choke. Before then, he had six pro wins which mostly took place in CFFC.

Alley entered the fight, which was his CFFC debut, on a four-fight win streak. He had last appeared on a CES card, where he defeated John Gotti III in a main event fight.

Bout 7: Earl Small (3-0) vs. Adam Wamsley (2-1) (Middleweight)

Small Catches Wamsley With Rear Naked Choke To Continue Undefeated Run

Earl Small capitalized on an unbalanced Adam Wamsley, catching the middleweight with a rear naked choke in the second round that forced a tap. After momentum seemingly forced Wamsley to the ground following a striking exchange, Small mounted his back and quickly applied a choke that finished the fight.

It is not clear if a strike landed that took Wamsley to the ground, or if he simply fell to the ground before being submitted.

“I looked down, he was on the floor. Like, ‘oh s***, I gotta take advantage of this,'” said Small in his post-fight interview.

The win continued Small’s career-long streak of finish victories. His previous fight dated back to 2018, where he defeated Jay Ellis.

Small said after the fight that his late grandfather requested he returned to professional MMA.

Wamsley was returning after losing a fight to Steven Tandoi in 2019.

Bout 6: Frank Wells (1-0) vs. Timothy Cuamba (1-0) (Featherweight)

Cuamba Gets Scorecard Nod Against Wells For Second Pro Victory

Timothy Cuamba earned his second pro win on Thursday, defeating Frank Wells via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28 & 29-28). The close fight saw Wells land shots on the feet, although Cuamba’s wrestling was what earned him the win.

Cuamba was able to control Wells for a large portion of the fight with numerous takedowns.

Wells had a rush of strikes in the third round that put Cuamba in trouble. He scored a head kick in the final moments of the round that seemingly hurt Cuamba. Cuamba was able to get to his feet, where he went to a body lock with Wells while being hit with punches.

Both fighters were making their return after winning their pro debut late in 2020.

Cuamba’s previous pro win was in December, where he stopped Joshua Francis in the first round with strikes.

Wells defeated Joshua Vann for his first pro win in October.

Bout 5: Thomas Majeski (2-0) vs. Jonathan Piersma (1-0) (Welterweight)

Piersma Scores Omoplata Submission Over Majeski For Second Pro Win

Jonathan Piersma earned a rare omoplata submission win to open the main card, handing Thomas Majeski his first pro loss. The finish win came abruptly early in the second round as Piersma capitalized on a dominant position from the back of Majeski.

Before the stoppage, Majeski was putting together a strong fight that showed his skills on the ground. Majeski won the opening round, using submission attempts and strikes to control Piersma for most of the frame.

Piersma was returning after winning his pro debut last year, submitting Tyler Bunting in December.

Majeski had earned two stoppage wins in his pro career before getting the loss on Thursday.

Bout 4: Joey Tizzano (2-1) vs. Malek Mahmoud (1-1) (Featherweight)

Tizzano Earns Rear Naked Choke Win Following Chaotic Battle With Mahmoud

Joey Tizzano prevailed in a hectic battle on the prelims, stopping a tough Malek Mahmoud in the third round with a rear naked choke. Tizzano was able to close out his fight after putting Mahmoud in trouble numerous times in the bout.

Tizzano took the fight to the ground with a rear naked choke after rocking Mahmoud with a right hand on the feet. Like many times before in the fight, Mahmoud was hurt from the strikes but kept standing. The choke earned a tap from Mahmoud shortly after it was applied.

Tizzano and Mahmoud worked at an increasingly intense pace as their fight progressed, both scoring with hard shots that did visible damage.

Mahmoud showed his toughness, enduring a head kick and a guillotine choke attempt in the latter half of the second round.

Both fighters were returning after losing their first pro fight in their previous appearances.

Tizzano was submitted in his last fight, being stopped within a round by Isaiah Monroe in August.

Mahmoud had not fought since 2018, where he lost a split decision to Vladimir Kazbekov.

Bout 3: James Lyons (0-0) vs. Cody Zappone (0-1) (Featherweight)

Lyons Uses Ground and Pound To Earn Quick Pro Debut Win

James Lyons had a strong pro debut on Thursday, stopping Cody Zappone within two minutes with ground and pound.

Lyons hurt Zappone in the second minute of the fight, backing him up and dropping him with punches. Lyons continued with punches in full mount, causing the referee to eventually stop the fight.

Lyons got in the face of Zappone afterwards, shouting at him before getting pulled apart.

Lyons was entering the fight after earning seven consecutive submission wins as an amateur.

Zappone was returning after losing his pro debut in 2019 to Charlie Campbell.

Bout 2: Johnny Santos (5-0) vs. Manny Morales (4-3) (Catchweight 190 lbs Amateur)

Morales Hands Santos First Amateur Loss

Manny Morales handed Johnny Santos his first amateur loss on Thursday, defeating him via split decision (29-28 Morales, 29-28 Santos & 29-28 Morales).

The decision for the fight came with some confusion, as the wrong fighter had their arm raised at first by the referee.

Both fighters had strong rounds that showcased their own skills.

Santos hurt Morales halfway through the second round, rocking him with a right hook. Santos nearly finished the fight late in the round with an arm triangle attempt.

Morales had Santos in trouble in the third round, pulling guard to attempt a guillotine choke. He held the choke for most of the three-minute round, although Morales was able to endure and eventually escape.

All five of Santos’ previous amateur bouts took place in 2019 in other regional promotions.

Morales had won his three previous fights. His last bout was in November, where he defeated Russell Korbul in November.

Bout 1: Mariah Castro (3-1) vs. Natalie Schlesinger (4-3) (Catchweight 110 lbs Amateur)

Schlesinger Uses Takedowns To Win CFFC Debut

Natalie Schlesinger won her CFFC debut on the prelims, defeating Mariah Castro via unanimous decision after three rounds of an amateur fight (30-27, 29-28 & 30-27). Schlesinger won the fight with takedowns, scoring three through the nine minutes in total.

When not being controlled on the ground, Castro had close striking battles on the feet with Schlesinger.

Schlesinger now has two consecutive wins as an amateur.

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