Endeavor Holding Groups Pursues UFC Buyout Ahead of IPO Filing

Endeavor Holding Group entered into negotiations last month to acquire 100% of UFC’s equity interests, purchasing nearly half of the ownership from other holders. The buyout comes ahead of the holding group’s attempt to go public.

The move was revealed through a prospectus filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday.

Referred to in the document as “the UFC buyout,” Endeavor entered negotiations in mid-February with people who own 49.9% of the UFC – the amount that Endeavor doesn’t already own. Documents claim Endeavor will raise $1.7 billion for their buyout and will also offer owners shares in the stock.

Endeavor has been pursuing going public since late 2019. While the company has not made any public moves towards going public in recent months, the recent prospectus filing is a big step towards that attempt.

Endeavor Holding Group first purchased the UFC in 2016, spending reportedly $4 billion dollars to take ownership from Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta.

Along with having ownership in sports organizations like UFC, Professional Bull Riders and Euroleague Basketball, the majority of Endeavor’s revenue comes from event and talent management in entertainment, per the document.

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